Spidey Suit Poll

Looking back on my first Spiderman Suit article, I thought maybe I didn’t give enough choices in the poll and some people (*cough* Ms. Shaw) thought that the original suit should have been included. I agree and thought it would be fun not only to do another poll but take a look back at all of the other Spiderman suits from over the years. For better or worse.

And here we go:

Stealth Spidey                India Spidey                 Spiderman 2099          Ben Reilly Clone
Stealth Spidey, India Spidey, Spiderman 2099, Ben Reilly Clone
Electro Insulated             Iron Spider                 Black Armor Spidey    Silver Armor Spidey
Electro Insulated, Iron Spider, Black Armor Spidey, Silver Armor Spidey


Scarlet Spider              Cosmic Spidey,            Black Suit Spidey        Future Foundation
Scarlet Spider, Cosmic Spidey, Black Suit Spidey, Future Foundation
Baghead Spidey               Spider Thor                    Spider Ham                 Spider Carnage
Baghead Spidey, Spider Thor, Spider Ham, Spider Carnage

And the best for last:

The Original Red and Blue! (And my favorite cover)

Whether there are too many choices or not enough please vote in the poll below!

3 thoughts on “Spidey Suit Poll”

  1. Jesus that’s a lot of Spidey suits… when you look at the character you think now there’s a guy who never changes his suit unless he goes black and back (which seems to happen every 5 years or so)and then BAM, your hit in the face with like 8 different armors, and 96 different costumes…


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