Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 3 ‘Royal Pudding’

It was only a matter of time before Parker and Stone ripped on the Royal Wedding at some point. They did it in this episode through the spoof of a Royal Canadian wedding and as we all know they have no problem with ripping the Canadian people.

It opens with a play being put on by the little ones of South Park elementary and Ike who plays “Tooth Decay” in the dental themed performance is missing from practice because he is too busy watching the Royal Canadian Wedding. The wedding scene was humorous enough with a lot of queefing as the Princess was taken away in a cube through the ceiling.

Next we are treated to mass suicides by Canadians country wide due to their dismay of the princess being taken. Ike along with any other Canadians are called upon to meet in Edmonton to help save the princess through use of their “boxes of faith”. So far except for a weak beginning this episode is total garbage.

Kyle in the meantime takes Ike’s place in the play as tooth decay. where Mr. Mackey is a total slave driver of a director. A couple parts with Mackey swearing at the Kyle for sucking at the part of tooth decay were kind of funny but I’m failing to get any kind of jolt from the episode. Seriously, what are Parker and Stone doing? Did they have manatees write this whole season for them?

If anyone cares at this point, Tooth Decay is the kidnapper of the Canadian Princess. And in the end they get to complete the wedding with the Canadian tradition of the Prince pulling an arm off of the Princess and jamming it up his ass, as is tradition. As one of Mackey’s theater students said – “What?” I’m not even Canadian and I hated this episode. I’m losing faith that the season will ever pick up.

EPIC FAIL and zero grizzlies out of five! Based on the high standard that this show has set for more than a decade, this just doesn’t hold up to the old stuff. And I understood the whole Tooth Decay-Osama Bin Laden parallel, but man what a weak ass effort.

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20 thoughts on “Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 3 ‘Royal Pudding’”

  1. You failed to get the main joke of the episode – that “tooth decay” will be the main threat to the British royal family. I liked the eskimo bl*wjob joke, the Canadian giant, the “little mushroom people of Nova Scotia”. The ending was essentially playing on the mundanity of watching a traditional royal wedding. This really wasn’t that bad an episode.


  2. This episode is an attrocity. Apart from cartman story in first episode and cartman offering kyle as ransom to germans in second, every joke in those 3 episodes is mediocre to awfull. Those three are easily the absolute worst of the entire series. I don’t know what’s up but something obviously is.


    1. Apparently you did, or you wouldn’t have read it. I’m sorry your standards are so low…are you Canadian?

      Furthermore, while I don’t agree with Darth’s “0 out of 5” because I thought some it was funny, it was by no means “filing brilliant”…


  3. This was quite possibly the worst episode of South Park I’ve ever seen, taking the crown from last week’s Funny Bot episode. The jokes have potential – the Dalek and Royal Wedding parodies, certainly, but the execution is atrocious. Like The Simpsons, with their laboured (and bizarre) parody of The O.C which spelled the end of the series for me personally as a fan, these parodies seem botched and the author’s right: they’re just rather unfunny. I agree with the person who called it an “atrocity”. Manatees are go!


  4. This one totally sucked just like the first and second episodes. I hope they’ll come up with some good stuff the next episodes.


  5. To me, season 15 has just been terrible. I don’t know if this is a result of the well running dry for Matt and Trey…or their work on “The Book of Mormon” has sidetracked them too much…but I think I’d rather see the show end than go on like it has this season.


    1. I think the BOOK OF MORMON stuff is a vaild argument. You look at when the Simpsons started to slide, it’s when Futurama came out, I think things will pick back up…


  6. I’m from England , Top 20 eps all time can’t stop watching Mackey rip the kids lool.Maybe the more random and senseless humour of family guy will be to your preference


    1. Wow, this comment is extremely condescending. It’s not as if he’s new to the show and doesn’t get it. He has been watching it since season 1, this was just a weak episode. Perhaps you only enjoyed it cause you’re British…


      1. I’m from England and this was f*cking amazing! Just a shame it couldn’t actually be the British royal family but we all know Americans hate having anything to do with us and even mentioning us seems to be a sin! rant over lol


      2. Im English and i thought it was total sh*te!
        This whole season has been a write off. I watched the episode where Cartman thinks he is a ghost as it was on again last night and that reminded me of how good the show used to be.
        Im wondering if they are getting bored and are looking to close it out now after 10 years.


  7. After two weak episodes, I absolutely loved this one. It probably has to do with me being Canadian and enjoying the antics of us flappy-headed Northerners. It was great seeing the royal wedding roasted for being a ridiculous string of traditions, and having that Canuckistan spin on it made it all the better.

    The Tooth Decay/Osama Bin Laden bit was a little off, but watching Mackey lose it on the kids was cheap fun.


  8. This series is so bad. The jokes are milked dry, the shock value that passed seasons have used so well to make me laugh you seem to be there just because. And people it really doesn’t matter if you have seven million references in an episode, it is how you play on cultural and political references that makes or breaks the show, not the quantity of them.

    Everyone had seen the Canadian jokes in this one a dozen times before, it’s just getting stale. I giggled when Scott the dick was shown as the small giant and when the mushroom people form Nova Scotia came on, but other than that I just felt sad. This entire season is just not funny.


  9. I think just forget the dumb vague Osama Bin Laden reference, it’s not spectacular. But the Royal Wedding and the trip to Canada is good, seeing the likes of Scott the giant dick and ugly Bob again and the funny waddling weird sounding natives. And that bit when Ike gets his sword and armour and stoically walks down the corridor to find the princess is awesome. Bottom line, South Park was better when it didn’t take itself too seriously, back when they didn’t feel they HAD to have inside jokes and topical satire. I think they’ve maybe outgrown their own senses of humour, and now the jokes are just falling short of the mark. Which is a damn shame


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