Thor 2 Getting Ready!

As with any potential box office hit, Thor 2 was recently revealed to be in the works just in case the first movie hit big. And while it didn’t quite grab the Iron Man numbers, Thor had a pretty good weekend with a domestic gross of 66 million dollars, which brings it’s worldwide gross to $242 million so far. (Thanks to Box Office Mojo) I’d say by the end of it’s theater run it will have been greenlit for a sequel if not before that.

So far it seems like director Kenneth Branagh may be willing to return, but its seriously just too early to know. However it’s never too early to start speculating where they might take the movie for a sequel. With the realms of Midgard (Earth), Jotunheim and Asgard already being featured in the first movie, there are still six other realms to explore. Not to mention the handful of villains that could figure into it. Here are the other six realms that could show up in the next movie:

Vanaheim: This realm is home to the Vanir, Asgard’s sister race of old gods who are the masters of sorcery and magic.

Nidavellir: This is the home of the Dwarves.

Muspelheim: The realm of eternal fire and home to the fire demons.

Alfheim: Home to the Light Elves, they seem to be the most peaceful people of the nine realms.


Svartalfheim: Home to the Dark Elves. I’m willing to bet they aren’t as peaceful as the Light Elves.

Niffleheim: The realm of death where Hel is located.

My personal pick for a villain in Thor 2 (including Loki) would most definitely be The Enchantress. I would also recommend that they get up and coming actress Tamsin Egerton to play her. Egerton is currently Lady Guinevere on the Starz Series Camelot. Who does everyone else want for a villain? Executioner anyone?


Images: Marvel


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