New ‘Robocop’ Lead Offered to Star of ‘The Killing’

The reboot of the Robocop franchise has been on and off again for quite some time. There was news that Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct the movie and filming was continually rumored to be imminent. Well now the film has it’s director in the form of Jose Padilha, but the bigger news is that they may have finally found the right actor to play the title role of cyborg law enforcer, Robocop. Or Murphy as his friends call him. As for who is playing Robocop, look no further than Joel Kinnaman off of AMC’s The Killing, which according to the reviews done up by Dr. Kronner is one of the best shows on that network, behind Walking Dead of course.

Theater wise, he was most recently in the sci-fi alien invasion flick called The Darkest Hour and Safe House also starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

If anyone out there is worried about the guy’s acting skills then it’s all for naught because how hard could it be for an actor to mutter some choppy and slowly articulated words and one liners throughout the movie. I don’t remember Robocop in the movie dishing out any Oscar worthy performances. That’s not to say that the Robocop in this reboot will be exactly, I’m actually hoping for the opposite. I don’t want a drastic change in his look and demeanor but the franchise needs a little change for sure. I’ll tell you one thing, it had better still take place in Detroit!

Rant and rave in the comments section below and let us know what all of you Robocop fans think of this casting choice if it comes to fruition! Is this Kinnaman fellow worthy of the role?

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