‘Rambo 5’ Still a Possibility?

For those of you wanting to see 80 year old Sylvester Stallone running around killing more random foreigners, then look no further than Rambo 5: Rambo kills Mexicans! Okay, so that’s not really what the title is but there is more talk about there being a fifth installment of the franchise which last saw a tired looking John Rambo owning people left and right in Burma. Supposedly this would be the final installment in the Rambo saga, being more of a small town affair as First Blood was. I see John causing some carnage against cartel folks in a small border town and I’m good with that. I hate cartel guys.

This guy is so excited for RAMBO 5, Sly had to subdue him.

Given that the initial rumors of Rambo 5 involved him helping a special forces team hunt down some sort of genetically enhanced human/werewolf this seems like more of a story that Rambo might fit in. I’m all for crazy were-beast things, but I honestly can’t see the franchise making an almost Sci-Fi liked jump like that.

I’m just surprised that Sylvester Stallone has managed to prolong his career this long. With the success of the most recent Rocky and Rambo installments, and the hugely successful action star fest known as the Expendables, Stallone doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Expendables 2 is right down the road and it looks just as promising as the first. What’s everyone else thinking about another Rambo? Has that franchise run it’s course? Truthfully I’m ready for a return of sorts to the feel of First Blood, and I can’t think of a better way for them to end the franchise than with the idea they have right now. Sound off below with your comments!

Here is Dr. Kronner on Vacation a few years back with Rambo himself and a crazy Indian guy with a necktie. 

3 thoughts on “‘Rambo 5’ Still a Possibility?”

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