Animated ‘Axe Cop’ to Premiere July 27th!

Comic Alliance has released another animated gem. Back in November we told you about the upcoming Fox show starring Axe Cop, but since we’ve had no further news. That was until last week when the official broadcast date for the show was revealed to be July 27th. For those unaware of Axe Cop, he is the creation of Ethan Nicolle (artist) and his five-year old brother Malachai (writer), and it is quite a surreal trip. But instead of trying to explain the premise of the character why not look below at the new footage that has Axe Cop as the President.

For fans of the comic this clip must be a joy to behold. It has the same crazy energy and sense of fun that the comic book has, and now it has Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman – of Parks and Recreation fame) who is spot on. I have watched the previous Halloween clip a few times now to get a handle on the voice, which I was unsure about. But after seeing this clip, I am sure Ron is the right man for the job. The animation is also fantastic, looking like it flew straight off the comic book page.

Standout scenes have to be the cheeky cameos of Axe Cop’s dinosaur and Flute Cop as his security chief. Also the way Axe Cop slaps the money on the tramps head, and the entire scene involving blowing up the bad guys. This had me howling with laughter and that is perhaps the best part of the clip. It is a humor that can be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a silly laugh and because of this I can see this show doing well. July 27th seems a long way away so lets hope more footage is released of Axe Cops antics soon.

axe cop animated axe

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