Marvel Preview: All-New X-Men #8

Probably one of the biggest changes to come about from Marvel NOW! has to be the return of the Original X-Men to the mainstream Marvel U. This of course comes with the new driving force behind the X-Men, Brian Micheal Bendis, who isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit. He’s actually kind of well known for it.

He revolutionized the classic tale of Peter Parker with Ultimate Spider-Man, then created a franchise out of the Avengers, elevating them to a new height never before experienced. And for the last few months he has been doing the same with the X-Men, whether it’s with the return of the Original X-Men (Jean Grey is back, y’all!) or the new look for Beast (his 4th, to be exact).

The next generation of the X-Men keeps on rolling in the pages of All-New X-Men #8, and we have a new preview from Marvel. The moment fans have been waiting for since the Original X-Men first arrived (well, one of many moments) arrives as the Avengers come face to face with the new arrivals. What is Cap going to think of another Cyclops to deal with? How is Black Widow going to handle yet another redhead moving in on the action? Check the preview below for no answers to either of those questions!

[tabgroup][tab title=”All-New X-Men #8″]marvel-preview-all-new-x-men-8-cover[/tab][tab title=”All-New X-Men #8.1″]marvel-preview-all-new-x-men-8-preview-1[/tab][tab title=”All-New X-Men #8.2″]marvel-preview-all-new-x-men-8-preview-2[/tab][tab title=”All-New X-Men #8.3″]marvel-preview-all-new-x-men-8-preview-3[/tab][/tabgroup]

[box_dark]Marvel is pleased to present your first look at All New X-Men #8, from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez! Angel, plucked from the past, finally meets his future self and the two end up fighting Madame Hydra and a Hydra cadre. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! How will the Avengers react to the time-swept X-Men?  [/box_dark]

I’m still finding it a little hard to deal with 2 sets of X-Men in one book, but seeing the interaction between doubles is pretty awesome. With both Bobby’s competing for the laughs, and the Beast’s big brains working together, I think the reaction between the Warren’s has so far been the best. And it looks like they will continue to work together as they take on some Hydra baddies. At least until the Avengers show up, and all hell breaks loose.


All-New X-Men #8 hits your LCS on March 6th.

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