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RetroN 5 – The Ultimate Console For Retro Gaming?

People love looking back to the past and the older you get, the more desirable the days gone by can seem. How else can you explain the constant rebooting, remaking and continuing of franchises in pop culture affairs? Sure, some of it is laziness and the fact that it’s easier to continue on with an old concept than embark on a new one, but it’s not all that.  It is the fact that a key audience are already exists for these products. The memories of our youth and the thrill we got in experiencing these forms of entertainment for the first time makes us want to relive those moments again. That is why retro gaming continues to be popular among most gamers, a time when limited technology meant limited graphics, but not necessarily limited ideas, and certainly not limited game play.

To satisfy this demand for past gaming experiences you can use three methods. One is buying up all the old consoles themselves, games and all, and experiencing them first hand.  A huge amount of space is required for this endeavor however, so the second option is using combined gaming packages and emulators? Emulators tend to lose some of the appeal that a hard console would have, while gaming pack deals (like the 10 in 1 style systems) only give a limited range of games to play. This is where option three comes in -the RetroN 5 console.

retroN 5 console 1

The RetroN 5 is a multi-gaming consoles that has the capacity to play this wide range of games. The list includes the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and the Game Boy Advance. As you will have noticed this includes both international and UK versions of the consoles meaning finally UK users can play Genesis carts without having to clumsily put them onto other carts, or downloading them onto the computer. There are ports included to plug in the original controllers for the SNES, Genesis and NES as well as having their own control pad.

retroN 5 console 2

It looks slightly cumbersome and has some harsh corners to it, but it is Bluetooth enabled and the design is kind of irrelevant when you can plug a retro controller in anyway. It also has an SD card inside to save images, stats and upload cheat patches. Oh yes, there are cheats included in this package to just like the old days! It even has a Game Genie cheat cart built into it, meaning an easier way to start skipping levels on games. And the HD cable link up gives a crisper image on all your games automatically.

retroN 5 console 3

The console design looks quite sleek, with a slightly Tron style vibe to it all. It comes in two colors, black and white and for having so many ports for games, the overall console is quite tightly wrapped together. Prices vary but it seems to retail for about $159.99 or roughly £119.99 for UK users (but sales in the UK seem to be limited). For what is basically five consoles in one, it’s a pretty solid price, and it’s available to purchase now. If you want to study the console in more detail you could visit the official website or the Hyperkin site and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Whether you get one will all depend on how strong the allure of the past is, but retro gamers would be well advised to check it out.

Images: Hyperkin , RetroN 5