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Return of The Jedi: Vader Dialogue Added…. WHY?

I’ve never been too impressed with all of the “adjustments” that Mr. George Lucas is constantly making to his Star Wars films, particularly the original trilogy. Nothing made me cringe more than on the special edition VHS of Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is falling in Cloud City and the Emperor’s scream from Return of the Jedi was added in…. How terrible. And let’s not forget the infamous ‘Greedo shooting first’ fiasco. Enough said there!


Now we have a scene where there was no need to mess with it. A self-sacrifice action to save a son’s life that worked without any dialogue. In the original scene Vader’s silence spoke volumes.

Now….. good God, just watch the clip below:

Granted the Noooooo! sounded a little better than that botch-job in Revenge of the Sith, but it still should not have been in there. I’m sure that I’ll get the same type of responses with people who will say “it’s George Lucas’ movie and he can do what he wants with it!”, which is true, but I’ll retaliate with the same comeback the outraged fans have –“Respect the fans because we’re the ones lining your pockets….bitch!”. And it’s funny that Lucas keeps changing things considering what he said before Congress in 1988

I don’t get Lucas’ angle here. Are the fans too stupid to realize that earlier in the film in his conversation with Luke that he was having doubts about turning his son over to Palpatine? Are they too stupid to realize that Vader wasn’t too keen on his son being ‘Force Lightninged’ to death?

Unfortunately those weren’t the only changes to the Blu Rays…

As suspected a couple years back, Yoda is being replaced by a CG model in Phantom Menace. See George, that’s a good thing when you fix something that is total garbage.

Also being added into the Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks will have blinking eyes, now Lucas just needs to make the Gungans in Phantom Menace have no mouths. Also in A New Hope Greedo is still firing (horribly) first at Han in the cantina, and it was decided that the Krayt Dragon roar that Obi Wan emulates needed to be changed for the third time. So enjoy the Blu Rays being released later this month, I know my excitement for one has been unexpectedly stifled.