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Storytellers: 10 Musicians Who Crossed Over To Comics

Creating and sharing stories is a fundamental part of human society, dating back to neanderthals drawing on cave walls to share how awesome it was when they totally killed that sabretooth tiger who was all up in their business.

Over the years, this evolved (along with language) into songwriting, which for the most part is just another way of telling stories that people can relate to. Musicians and comics have a long history together, dating back to Marvel’s KISS and Alice Cooper comics, and evolving to today’s comic industry that sees a large number of musicians tackling a new medium in which to tell their stories. Most recently we’ve seen DMC enter the comics world by storm with his new series DMC, with a new writing gig at Marvel coming soon.

Below is a list of 10 Musicians and the stories that made their way to the wonderful world of comics.

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