Bigfoot Sighting – Seriously?

Before we start, please watch the below video showing an alleged sighting of Bigfoot.

I just happened to be on Yahoo! and saw that Bigfoot was number one at the top of the trending list. Being a big fan of UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and THE Bigfoot, I thought “What the hell, it might be something worth seeing.”

But after watching it I can’t help but wonder how this blurry video got everyone talking.

Initially it looks as if the Bigfoot waves to the camcorder as it crosses the street in awkward little baby steps. Really, Bigfoot is supposed to be this huge beast with a long striding walk and he gets across the road as fast as a waddling penguin would have? Actually a friend of mine walked just like that in his bigfoot costume at my Halloween party two years ago. Not only do I give this video and the person taking it a gigantic BOOOOOOO!

But I give it the official stamp of – FAIL!

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