Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 207 – Family Business

The apple does not fall far from the tree. In the world of Femme Fatales though, it just means that apple will fall off the tree, find some poor sap and have sex with it until she gets her way. This episode of Family Business is an interesting one as it operates as a direct sequel to an episode from the first season called Angels & Demons. You can obviously read the review by clicking here in case you need to get reacquainted but we will just assume that you read it or saw the episode and want me to get to the good stuff.

The stage gets set with a web cast of Devlin (Ashley Hamilton from Dancing with the Stars…yep, went there) telling his partner Joanne Terranova (Tara Radcliffe, who makes you forget that awesome last name) he is about to do something probably heroic and stupid, because that combo goes together like peas and carrots, and he tells her that she cannot stop him on his journey. Naturally, she gets up and runs out of frame in order to stop said presumably awful journey he is about to embark. Flashback to better times in the past weeks where he is loving life.

Of course, when I said life, I meant getting manhandled by ladies and doing copious amount of recreational drugs. The booger-sugar is the man’s friend and he just wants to go about his existence one drug induced night at a time. Of course, like in most drug and alcohol fueled “good times”, you most likely end up with no pants in a dark alley. Enter Detective Terranova.

Looks like she needs her ex to get off his ass and help get in contact with an old friend. More specifically, a young hot friend who just took over the family business. Unfortunately for his safety, the family business happens to be involved in crime and mobsters and the such, so obviously this may not end well – but lets face it, all pretty ladies get their way and Terranova is no exception. Except for saving a Fox show with the same namesake. She is not a miracle worker.

At this point, I am going to stop this review and state that I told Dr. Kronner during my viewing of this that this would be an ample time for Eric Roberts to show up and guess what, this was the exact episode he shows up in, and he just fits in with the sly undertones and Eric Roberts-esque condescension, and works awesome in every scene he is in. His exchanges truly ignite the other actors to play along and have fun, and he needs to do more episodes.

Of course, he shows up at the party that the young hot mobster friend is attending and that is played by The O.C.’s Nikki Griffin (I love the O.C. so deal with it, that’s where I know her from and I’m not allowed to reference Tokyo Drift per my contract with Dr. Kronner) and she is so good at playing the bitch. She is alluring, yet off in a way that does not suggest crazy, but motivated in living up to her name at whatever the costs.

Now, I am not going to go through a whole recap of the episode because it takes a few fun turns here and there, and that ruins stuff, so I will break it down like this: I dug the episode. I think that looking at the season 1 stuff compared to this episode (maybe season 2 as a whole) the whole look is great. The camerawork really sets the mood especially in one scene involving Roberts and Griffin and a gun.

The disconnect and way it was shot set the tone on how the scene devolved into the true boss in the argument. All the actors do a great job and the sex scenes do not feel as forced and gratuitous as the previous episode. Obviously, as a femme fatale, sex is a weapon and tool to be used to assert power and dominance to get their way, but at least it connected with the story and the personality of the leads.

The dialogue gets a bit cheesy, but at least the actors seem like they enjoy it. Plus there is a guy who I referred to as the younger, less height challenged version of Oddjob.

Grizzlies? We’ll go 4 out of 5.

And now for our obligatory Lilith pic, who very little screen time that was spent making a lot of weird faces…

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