Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Yeah, I said 5

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides hasn’t even made it into theaters yet and we’ve already been hit with this recent news from Yahoo!:

Johnny Depp’s tour guide on his “Pirates of the Caribbean” voyages is plotting the course for a fifth installment even before the fourth movie sails into theaters.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says he has a screenplay in the works for a fifth “Pirates” tale after May’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” comes out.

After hearing in January that Terry Rossio was set to write the script for Pirates 5, now the movie is ready to go with a screenplay. Some people may be giving an “enough already” groan, but I for one see this as welcome news. I’m all about more adventures without the ball and chain of Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) or Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) dragging the movie down.


Even though I still enjoyed At World’s End it seemed like it could have been better without their love story in the way. There will be plenty of romance for Captain Jack with Penelope Cruz, and maybe an entirely different chick in the fifth film. Heck, he could be the pirate James Bond and have a new “Sparrow Girl” each movie. Luckily, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated that Stranger Tides and any future Pirates movies will be standalone films, continuing to follow Sparrow on different adventures. It’s a shame they didn’t do that with Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, instead of filming them back to back and having interlocking stories.

 The fourth Pirates movie, On Stranger Tides comes out May 20th of this year, and follows Captain Jack and Barbossa as they hunt for the Fountain of Youth. Also stepping in as the new bad ass pirate is Ian McShane as the infamous Black Beard. McShane seems to have been born for a role like this, already proving he can play a foul-mouthed, ruthless SOB in the HBO series Deadwood with his character Al Swearengen. (Ironic considering how much he swore on the show.) Also a newcomer is Penelope Cruz, playing Black Beard’s daughter and Sparrow’s romance interest Angelica. The new movie also features mythical elements such as zombies and mermaids who don’t look so nice. Let me tell ya, you add zombies to anything nowadays and you have an instant hit!

I can’t wait for On Stranger Tides to come out, and even though I don’t know how that one will pan out I’m still excited for the announcement of a fifth movie. Let the speculation begin about what a fifth Pirate’s movie could bring.

Check out the trailer for Pirate’s of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides…

POTC Random Fact: Hugh Jackman was originally considered to play Captain Jack Sparrow.

19 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Yeah, I said 5”

  1. Are you saying that there will not be Penelope’s character in the 5º movie? = I realy liked that character


  2. Hey guys, check out the after-scene at the end of On Stranger Tides! (You can get it on yootube.) While Angelica is stranded on the island, the voodoo doll Black Beard made of Jack just happens to wash up on the beach! I say she’ll definetly be in the next one! :)


  3. She’s really brill. Much better than keria knightly. I really hope that because she finds the doll of capitan jack she makes him come back and get her


    1. To “Stace” and “joana”:
      Finally someone who agrees with me!! I really think she is better than Keira, and I really liked her character! I hope she will be in the 5th one, because in 4th one, at the end, she and Jack are almost kissing… And then he leaves her on the island! Worse, he doesn’t kiss her!!
      I became furious when I saw that scene!! I hope she come back, I want to see them kissing…


      1. To Babac,
        i thought that at first cause i was really gutted they didnt kiss as i loved seeing their romance blossom (In a loathe-love kinda way). Then i remembered they did kiss at the begining in the scene they first saw eachother. =) hope that cheered you up at all?


        1. Ok… Thank you… ^.^
          Yes they kissed but… You know… I was expecting another “kind” of kiss… The kiss you are talking about, well, it wasn’t bad but… I was expecting a “passionate kiss”

          But thank you “unknown”! =-D


      2. Omg thank you! Someone that understands. I so want jack and Angelica kiss..well I know the didn’t kiss but I want to see some passion and I barely saw their lips touching from the light in the beginning of the movie…..so…yeah she better be in the next one and I better see some kissing in it. Please!


  4. I love penelope cruz…………..she made the movie 10000000000000 times better than keira,all my freinds said that she rocks in the movie and she is much better than keira……..I want her in POTC5,and please I want her and jack with each other PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.


    1. i totaly agreee!! jack and angelica = epic! when i saw the last part in POTC2 i wanted to kick keria i was like :O biach! you did NOT just do that :O i have seen POTC4 it’s good ;D


    2. I so agree with that Tanya girl I barely didn’t see jack lips touch Angelica’s when they kissed in somewhere in the beginning of the movie. And Penelope Cruz is a billion times better than kiera or what ever her name is. I’m not being rude but kiera is a good actress but not that great. Penelope is my girl b***h..sorry for the language…..hehe:)


  5. I really hope not! I liked her in vanilla skys, just not pirates. I think jack needs to fall for a lady of high society. A lot of ppl on other websites gave it a 6, out of 10. the first movie everyone in theater cheered at the end. This movie didn’t seem to wow.


  6. Okay, I know In the movie jack spar- captain jack sparrow can’t be in love since he’s a pirate but still it would be cute for jack to be in love with a Women especially Angelica. They make the perfect match! But really rob Marshall I’m not being rude to you but why the bloody hell didn’t you let them kiss. I mean I know they did in the beginning but I just want you to more passion. Like when William and Elizabeth kissed on that island! Btw Angelica is better than Elizabeth!!:D


  7. Btw. You let jack and elizabeth kiss but not jack and Angelica. I mean really Angelica is way more sexier not to be a lesbian or anything but it’s true and all of my friends agree with me!:)


  8. I HATE HER! It was gonna be a LOT better without her! Jack is much better alone. He doesn’t even like her. All of my friends agree with me. We all think it was wrong to put her in the movie. I hope and pray with all my heart that she will NOT be in the other movies!


  9. Well, they say that they are working on a script and I am really excited to know what the next film is going to be about. What do you think the next one will be about?
    Ideas? Suggestions? What do you think, guys?
    I really have no idea of what it can be… And it is driving me crazy! xD :P


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