Dexter: Season 6, Episode 8 – “Sin of Omission”


When Dexter goes to apologize to Deb for leaving for five days when she specifically said that he couldn’t, she informs Dexter of the victim who got away from the “Dooms Day Killer”. He knows now that Travis is no longer his secret, which is unfortunate.

When I see Travis in his sister’s home making him breakfast, it makes me feel very sorry for him. He seems like a tortured soul. He is having a horrible battle with his conscience and it is very obvious. Brother Sam’s funeral would be a very sad and emotional moment for me, had I had time to get attached to his character. Regardless, funerals are always sad. Brother Sam left his Holy Bible to Dexter. He had it when he was shot, so there is some of his blood on the good book. Dexter contemplates whether Brother Sam brought out some light in him. He didn’t kill Jonah, he didn’t kill Travis. When Dexter confronts Travis, he tells him that what Dex told him in his car made him think that he doesn’t have to listen to Professor Gellar anymore. Looks like Dexter did pass some of that light on to Travis. Dexter also old Travis that he has to help him find Gellar. The former Dooms Day assistant tells Dex that Gellar is crazy and will finish his mission.

Dexter performs his magic at a crime scene once again. It is inspiring to see how he can tell a story by glancing at a crime scene. It was an overdose, but he can tell minute details at a glance. (I know that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the show, but I feel obligated to say that I wish Dexter had been with the Seattle Police during the time of Kurt Cobain’s murder… erm… death.) He impresses Louis (Masuka’s intern) back at the station, who is currently seeing Jamie (Angel’s sister, Dexter’s nanny).

Dexter finds an angle to reach Travis with when he quotes the bible. The sin of omission: Travis must help them reach Gellar, for if he does not, he is just as guilty as the professor. I don’t know how I feel about Dexter using scripture to try to reach a man who he is going to kill. That is one of the things I love about this show… it makes me ponder about my own beliefs, and what I would do in a similar situation. After this, Deb confronts Travis’s sister at her home about Travis. She noticed his name on the list of Gellar’s students. Lisa says that Travis is acting like his same old self and Deb leaves.

When Dexter gives Deb the lab report she asked for, she looks for a pen and finds one in his bag. This particular pen is from the Shady Lane Motel in Nebraska, which is where Trinity’s family was killed. He admits to going there and talking to Jonah. He says it was because they both lost people they loved to Trinity, forgetting that Lundy was killed by Trinity.

The Whore of Babylon was proudly displayed for Miami Metro, with Travis’s sister as the whore. Gellar safety-pinned Deb’s card to Lisa which they found on her. Travis has now jumped to the top of Miami Metro’s most wanted list as Gellar’s accomplice. Gellar now has Travis chained up.

LaGuerta was pushing to make Deb close the Jessica Morris case (dead prostitute, OD’d, there was a man in the room, LaGuerta does NOT give a crap about that) to help her close rate. However, after Deb walks away, LaGuerta has a suspicious yet brief phone conversation alluding to the fact that she has something to hide.

As much as I love Deb, I have a whole shit-ton of sympathy for her. The poor girl has already been through so much with her father, the ice truck killer, her relationships, LaGuerta, and now she is in therapy and Dexter is taking advantage of her as his boss. The therapist tells Deb to make some effort to focus on Dexter and his issues when they meet up next.

Dexter found a name on the robe used at the Whore of Babylon scene. He went to find Father Golloway, a priest who suffers from severe dementia. The priest asks Dexter, who he thinks is someone else from his past, to confess all of his sins. Dexter tells the priest that he has killed a lot of people. The priest absolves Dexter of his sins, which seems to shock him. during the visit, he speaks with a nun who tells Dexter about the Father’s abandoned church where he used to lead mass. Then, we see the little light bulb turn on above Dexter’s head. An abandoned church. He goes to visit, and sees Travis chained up. Gellar sees Dexter and escapes.

Michelle’s Beef:

“Sin of Omission” was a great connecting episode. I do have some beef with a few things. First off, how does Deb not notice that the only link between her and the shitty things which have happened to her is Dexter? Also, how did Dexter get away with the whole Nebraska trip? He admitted to going only after she found evidence, and his explanation was that he grieved with Jonah. Who would believe that? If that is not the biggest slap in the face to his sister, I don’t know what else would be. Oh yes I do… it happened at the end of the episode.

Deb was cooking up steaks at Dexter’s house when he got home. She is trying to do what her therapist suggested, to patch up her relationship with her brother. However, he tells her that something came up, he cannot tell her what it is, and leaves. Deb is the best detective on this show. She works at the job, at home, and is constantly thinking like a detective. What should have happened is: as Dexter pulled up to the church she should have been pulling up right behind him. Why, if she is this great detective and cares so much about her brother’s well-being, did she let him leave?

Lastly, I would just like to point out that in the last review, I mentioned that Dexter is getting sloppy. The pen was a rookie mistake. In the beginning seasons, Dexter would never have kept a souvenir from a secret trip. Also, what happens if the Miami homicide department gets Travis Marshall into their interrogation room and he sees Dexter? Does Dexter think that Travis is so trustworthy that he wouldn’t say anything? His sister is dead… he only has himself to look out for now. Dexter failed to protect his sister. I feel like it is only a matter of time before Deb or someone else close to him finds something out.

Overall, this episode was interesting and exciting, as most of the episodes are. I give “Sins of Omission” 3 1/2 Grizzly’s out of 5.

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