4 Ways to Improve Netflix

I love Netflix. I got rid of cable completely and have been living primarily off of the movies and TV shows on Netflix. I was a subscriber to it several years ago, before they added the streaming capabilities, but quit after a few months because I felt like I could never watch enough of the DVD’s through the mail. I came back on board in the fall and have not regretted it.

The streaming allows me to watch what I wanted, when I wanted, kind of like my DVR used to, but at the price I was paying to just rent the DVR from Comcast, not to mention the cost of cable. There are some things that could be improved though.

  1. More offerings instantly. This has been happening slowly as the studios adapt to the changing landscape, but it is not fast enough in my opinion. Netflix knows it is the leader in the market, but it has to work harder to get top-notch quality streaming.
  2. Better descriptions of films. I usually can gather what I want from the title, but sometimes I need a description to see if Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is something I want to watch. And the descriptions will fall in to one of two categories, either not enough information or too much information. I had more than a few plot twists ruined while watching Lost by having the plot revealed.
  3. Act like a network. Netflix is already taking the first step by signing a deal for it’s first original program, but this is the way things need to move. When this comes on, it will be like the internet TV that we have been promised since Al Gore built the internet.
  4. Add a social aspect. I know on Xbox, you can watch movies with other friends with Xbox live, but this needs to be available to all Netflix customers. I also hate to say it, but it needs Facebook integration. Netflix tried their own Community, but abandoned it because of privacy concerns. I would therefore say, why reinvent the wheel, just use Facebook. This would allow me to recommend movies to my friends, and would have the dual benefit of enticing more subscribers.

Again, I love Netflix, this is just some constructive criticism to improve my favorite source of entertainment. You know, other than Grizzly Bomb of course.

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