Scum of the Week – Nicolas Cage

This is a new weekly article from Grizzly Bomb, where over the span of the week every week we will be naming someone as our pick for the most scum worthy. Scum can be interpreted in many ways, for example: scumbag, scumbucket, scumsucker. You get the idea.

This weeks scum nominee is of course Nicolas Cage.

In case you hadn’t heard, Mr. Cage was arrested in New Orleans for domestic violence and battery…. against his wife. Cage and his wife were arguing in front of an apartment because the actor was pretty sure that this was a place they were renting, his wife however disagreed.

Cage, super duper intoxicated at this point, thought it would be a good idea to take his wife by the arm and pull her to the house. Cage then struck several cars before the police were called and he was hauled off to central lockup. All I can say is at least he didn’t punch her whilst wearing a bear suit.

If you want the full detailed story, CNN Entertainment seems to have a pretty good rundown of this monstrosity. This may have been an overblown issue because the man is a celebrity, but domestic violence is domestic violence.

Thank you Mr. Cage for being our first Scum of the Week!

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