Camelot Review: Episode 4 – Lady of the Lake

This does not bode very well for my relationship with Camelot. Game of Thrones premiered two days after this episode and was fantastic, in many ways already surpassing Camelot. Then this episode itself, though not boring by any means, really pissed me off again with the characters of Arthur and Merlin. Both of them are starting to become my least favorite characters of the show. Meanwhile, characters like Leontes, Gawain and Kay remain to be amongst my favorites.

King who? Gawain is the man!

Arthur is still in a downward spiral, now that Guinevere is married to Leontes he is just a broody little bitch, wanting to train his men and prove what a hard-ass he is. It would seem all of this is just a show to try and impress Guinevere and prove he is the better man. I really hope his focus leaves Guinevere and rests somewhere else for awhile, because honestly that subplot is a little worn at this point.

Merlin's mama didn't teach him not to play with fire...

It was interesting to see Merlin in this episode as not so honorable a man. He lectures Morgan last episode about the price you pay for using magic, and then he proceeds to use it three separate times with no regard of it’s danger posed to him or those around him. It’s really a shame to see what lengths he will go to in his mission to get the best sword for ‘King’ Arthur. But on the other hand it was a bit interesting to see a different take on the Excalibur story. I don’t think I’ll spoil much by saying that to start off, the name Excalibur belongs not to a sword but to a woman whose father is the blade-smith that forged it. When he returns to Camelot and tells them all the story of how he came to possess Excalibur, you can’t help but shake your head and wonder what Merlin’s true intentions are.

Eva Green has seen better days

Morgan’s story was not very inspiring in this episode either, which sucks because she is my favorite character at this point in the series. She is still reeling from the effects following her casual use of magic in the last episode and she has a surprise visitor from her past that seems to know what is happening to her. Not all is revealed but we do get some insight into Morgan’s past with the nunnery when her father Uther banished her as a young girl.

Arthurs new toy

Even though I don’t like the direction the characters of Merlin and Arthur are going doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up on the show. It’s still very good and maybe that is what the writers are going for at this point. I guess that means I’ll be pleasantly surprised if Arthur transforms into a real King by the season’s end. I give the episode a 3.5 out of 5 grizzlies. It still seems like the first few episodes are all setting up the Arthur legend, with Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone and Camelot all revealed now. Hopefully in the episodes to come we can get on with some new stories.

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