Scum of the Week – Lindsay Lohan

Hopefully this article won’t just be a new celebrity going to jail each week, but that’s just how it turned out. A chronic scum sucker is finally going back where she belongs for 120 days to be exact.

"God Bless you... OH! Shit, you're crying aren't you?"

Yes, Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to jail time according to OTRC, and is reportedly ‘angry’ about it. I’d be angry too if I was caught red handed walking out a store with a $2,500 necklace that I forgot I was wearing. Actually if I had “accidently” done that. I’d have already been in jail for 120 days if not more, and been released already. Lohan being a Hollywood scumbag however, gets to drag it out for about a year before finally getting what any other thief would have received.

So good riddance for awhile Ms. Lohan. I’m sure this will only help your career after your release, because we all know this society rewards it’s scum most handsomely. We should probably get her a medal after she gets out of jail, but unfortunately Grizzly Bomb doesn’t give out medals to SCUM!

4 thoughts on “Scum of the Week – Lindsay Lohan”

  1. Sweet article. Very informative yet to the point. I miss lindsay from the parent trap. Yet I think she was in her prime in mean girls


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