Jersey Shore U.K. – Geordie Shore

“I can haz burrito now?”

Not only will the Jersey Shore cast be going off to Italy in their next season, but MTV will be entering a whole new realm with another cast of… gifted young people. Get ready for the British alternative of Jersey Shore! I’m not sure that the United Kingdom needed an alternative to something as idiotic as Jersey Shore, but it would appear that MTV will be infecting our neighbors across the pond with a new batch of drunken idiots, this time with British accents!

You need to check out the teaser below to really get the full effect:

Seriously? Did that whole thing just happen? “I’ll never kiss anyone without a six pack.” and “I’m fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double F’s.” And I only thought shit like that happened in America. Hopefully the people of the U.K. shun the people on the show instead of embracing them and helping them make millions for being degenerates.

Because the world needs a few more of these walking jokes…

Now maybe I’m being a tad bit harsh, they could turn out to be some real fully functional human beings. But judging on the quotes from the promo we just watched and MTV’s desire to pick the most shallow alcoholics to star on these shows, I sort of doubt it.

I suppose on the bright side the three girls on the show look nothing like Snooki, and who am I – as a man, to complain about double F sized breasts? On May 24th we will definitely find out if the U.K. drunkards can keep up with their American counterparts.

Grizzly Fun Fact: Geordie is a nickname of sorts, for people who hail from Tyneside on the Northeast region of England.

4 thoughts on “Jersey Shore U.K. – Geordie Shore”

  1. And people ask why I’m an atheist. I’m just glad I don’t get MTV, but I just know these sad desperate tossbags will be everywhere. It’ll be like Big Brother all over again!


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