Marvel Comic Review: Venom #2

Well it seemed like this title was possibly delayed or maybe it was just a long month, but now Venom is finally back. If you read my review of the first issue, you’ll know I’m a pretty big fan of the new Venom with the host of Flash Thompson. Flash is a pretty sympathetic character. After losing his legs during his military service, he is still wanting to make a difference while also maintaining his personal life.

Venom #2

I liked the direction they took the Venom character when Mac Gargan (the Scorpion) had possession of the suit, I like to see a villain change every now and then. After Dark Reign, that ship had sailed and they couldn’t have concocted a better story than the one we have going now with our favorite alien symbiote.

Mac Gargan (Scorpion) Venom

Issue #2 starts with Flash running through a jungle being pursued by Kraven the Hunter. Now I haven’t kept very good track of Kraven over the last decade because frankly I dislike him as a Spiderman villain. I’d even take Chameleon or Tombstone over Kraven, who seems just as ridiculous as ever in this issue. “I hunt the spider! Kill the spider! Blah blah blah”, it’s old already.

Good call with the leopard skin pants...

Anyways, Flash’s mission consists of finding the mine of antarctic vibranium and take it out so Jack O’ Lantern’s employer can’t keep selling it to unscrupulous characters. Kraven is just one of those unforseen complications. And for those of you wondering why there is a jungle in the Arctic, this is the Savage Land. You even get to see Kraven riding a freakin’ dinosaur!

I’ll be giving Venom #2 a 3 out of 5 grizzlies. The overall story and concept are still good, I just didn’t see the reasoning behind having Kraven the Hunter being involved because he just sucks. The art to me is still good, though not anything spectacular.

The parts that stood out to me most are the ones about Flash and his relationship with the Venom Symbiote and also with Betty. Flash knows the suit is dangerous and could bond permanently with him if he’s not careful, yet he has such a need to prove himself and be useful after the loss of his legs that he’s willing to take the risk. His relationship with Betty is strained because he can’t tell her about his involvement in the Venom program and she thinks he’s super-liar and not being honest with her. By the end it’s almost as if he comes to a decision about both relationships. The Venom symbiote is beginning to bond with him a little more, agreeing that they have one singular purpose at the moment – to complete the mission. With that focus in mind, Flash also has one more. When he goes home there will be no more secrets between him and Betty.

I can’t wait for the next issue. It looks as if we’ll be getting a rematch between Venom and the ridiculously dressed Jack-O Lantern. Rock on!

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