Scum of the Week – Princess Beatrice’s Hat

Far be it from me to speak out against those above my station, but I’ve discovered an atrocity this week having to do with Princess Beatrice of York, what with all of the Royal Wedding nonsense going on. Basically this atrocity is the ridiculous f–king hat she wore to the wedding. Take a gander at this scourge of the underworld that grabbed my attention:

Upon seeing this hat I couldn’t decide whether I should choke myself to death, gouge my eyes out or laugh until I threw up. I ended up doing neither and directed my energy into making it our latest scum of the week. I initially thought I would have Princess Beatrice named scum of the week, but I am instead calling this hat out! And I have also named the hat Lucifer.

So thanks a lot Lucifer the Ugly Hat, you not only ruined a person of royalty by sitting atop her head, but you managed to ruin the twenty minutes of my life spent typing this article! I’ll let you be the judge if it’s Lucifer the Ugly Hat is to blame or Beatrice, because there’s a plethora of ugly hat wearing going on in her life.


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