Marvel Comic Review: X-men – Schism Prelude #1

Even though I am eagerly awaiting the Schism storyline in the X-men comic books, the first issue of the prelude to it was really nothing special.

The issue starts with some unknown threat about to hit Utopia and Cyclops and his top advisors including Wolverine and Magneto are debating on how to handle it: run or fight. Most have made their position clear and await Cyclops’ decision as he contemplates what to do.

As he is thinking and Professor Xavier approaches there are several flashbacks with Cyclops and Xavier. One is when Cyclops first arrived at the school and it was really touching seeing Xavier tell Scott what their role in the world should be and what a good man he would turn out to be. In another scene Cyclops poses the question of if deaf and blind people wish and hope to get better then why can’t he? Xavier then tells him of when he lost the use of his legs and how he overcame his own self pity and accepted what had happened eventually.

 The real message being conveyed in this comic is Xavier telling Cyclops that he must make the tough decisions now and that he has brought mutantkind together peacefully in one place, something Xavier tried but never succeeded in.

Overall I give the Schism Prelude a 2.5 out of 5. It was nothing but mystery and a lot of heartfelt words from Xavier to Cyclops. I’m sure that this will pick up once Schism actually gets started and I will pick up the next issue of the prelude just so I can see what this unseen threat is/are. I did really enjoy the art though, it has the gritty-real feel like Alex Maleev‘s art whom I think is one of the best artist’s out there besides Salvador Larocca. I wouldn’t recommend this comic for anyone but the hardcore X-men fan because it won’t do much for you otherwise.

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