Spiderman- Spider Island!

As the Spiderman story arc Spider Island gets closer and closer, I get more wary of the concept of it. It sounds interesting to be sure, but where is the whole thing going I wonder? The story is set in Manhattan and someone has given the everyday population of New York the same powers as Peter Parker. That means everyone from kids, mimes, criminals and police officers will be able to crawl walls and do all the wonderful things that Spiderman can do! NOT. GOOD.

The storyline takes place starting in Amazing Spiderman #666 after the current “Infested” story arc. It will run eight issues and it looks like simultaneously with the already begun Fear Itself. Will the two run in the same continuity or will Spider Island take place before or after Fear Itself? Right now in Fear Itself, Spiderman already seems to have his hands full with thousands of New Yorkers going crazy from the hysteria and fear the Serpent and his minions have unleashed. So it would only make sense that Spider Island goes hand in hand with Fear Itself. Tens of thousands of people having Spider powers like Parker just seems like a powder keg set to erupt. How will Spidey deal with all of this nonsense going on in New York? It just hasn’t been the wall crawler’s year so far.

Some interesting tidbits from Newsarama article below:

The plot of “Spider Island” sees “over 16,000 New Yorkers” developing powers similar to Spider-Man’s, including, as noted in the Attack of the Show segment, Hawkeye and Shocker. The situation — and subsequent spider-powered crime wave leads to Mayor J. Jonah Jameson placing Manhattan under quarantine.

Art shown included Shocker with six arms, what looked to be Carlie Cooper with wall-crawling abilities, the Green Hulk in an outfit similar to the Tony Stark-built “Iron Spider-Man” costume, and a character resembling classic Spider-Man villain (and original Clone Saga mastermind) The Jackal.

Very interesting indeed. It was mentioned in a Yahoo! article also about how the people of New York will have these powers transmitted to them:

Of course, infecting that many people at the same time is hard, but Slott has found a unique way to affect the transfer, one that real New Yorkers already fear: bedbugs. An evil person has genetically altered the critters. Who is that malevolent force?

Freakin’ genetically altered bed bugs. Seriously? Even though it sounds ridiculous I’ll still be giving this a chance because I want to see how Spidey and the rest of the world deals with this mess. Shocker with six arms? Hell yeah. And if I’m taking a wild stab that if the Jackal is involved in this storyline then he may have been the one who genetically altered the bed bugs. He’s crazy enough for that and that moronic. So now I actually have a Spiderman story arc to look forward to this August! Bring on Spider Island!

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