The Walking Dead Season One Recap

The comic-turned-TV show The Walking Dead season one premiered on AMC, Halloween night 2010. The six-episode first season ended December 5th. I however, just recently got hip to this show, and watched all of the episodes. It is difficult to find a word to describe my excitement… so I will make one up. I am STUPENXCITED for the next season!

The Walking Dead Season OneThe Walking Dead is set in Georgia, but the group begins making their way across the U.S. in hopes of finding other survivors or a safe place away from the “walkers” (the undead). The main character is Rick Grimes (I call him “Grimey”). He is a cop who was left in a hospital and hooked up to life support when the undead attacked. He awakens find few survivors, but they search for their family and friends together.

For so many reasons that you MUST see for yourself, this show made my stomach do back-flips. Some of the images I saw during the duration of season one will be burned into my brain forever. This show has everything… blood, severed limbs, bigots, zombies, and sexy drama.

The Walking Dead Season One We saw a lot happen in season one. Officer Grimes and his wife Lori were eventually reunited, but not before we find out that she had been hooking up with his best friend Shane. Granted, Shane and Lori thought that Rick was dead, but still. Shane was Rick’s partner on the force, and helped Lori take care of her son Carl.

We saw the racist hick Merle get handcuffed to the top of a building, and after the key was dropped, get left there to be eaten. We later saw that he cut his own hand off and got out, leaving his brother Daryl to find only the hand.

There were also some very sad moments on top of all of the drama and gore. Andrea, one of the survivors, was forced to shoot her sister Amy after a major attack of the undead on the survivors at their camp. Amy was bitten and died on her birthday. And the last major moment was the group meeting up with the man from the CDC at one of their labs. He gave them food and shelter to remain safe from the walkers. When the CDC building power generators run out of fuel, there will be a two-stage explosion to blow up the place. Everyone from the group but Jacqui gets out in time. She decided to stay and suffer the explosion with the man who took them in.

The Walking Dead recently signed on for a second season which will contain 13 episodes. They are said to begin filming June first… my birthday! And since they haven’t released an official one yet, here is a Season 2 Fan Trailer:

There are already about a dozen potential spoilers about the new season online. However, I absolutely hate when people ruin things for me like that, so I will leave you to find those out on your own. All I can say is that there may be some involvement from Stephen King and or Lindsay Lohan. Also, we are supposed to find out what Jennifer whispered to Rick. I accidentally read a couple of spoilers and am very angry about it! They are juicy, so don’t seek them out unless you are prepared! Season 2 will air later this year.

The Walking Dead Season One
The real question for fans of the books though: When is Michonne gonna show up with her Samurai Sword?

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