Chris Columbus Remaking Troll Hunter

In what must be a huge surprise to everyone, an American filmmaker is remaking a foreign movie that was cool as hell. The Norwegian film ‘Troll Hunter’ follows a film crew in the Blair Witch/Cloverfield tradition across the Norwegian countryside in an effort to catch trolls on film. Sounds ridiculous I know, but the film seemed really awesome. Chris Columbus, who has directed two Harry Potter movies, will be acquiring the rights to remake the Troll Hunter movie for us American audiences according to Deadline:

Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures has partnered with CJ Entertainment & Media to acquire remake rights to the 2010 Andre Ovredal-directed Norwegian film Troll Hunter. Marc Haimes is set to write the script. Deal comes just as Magnolia opens the original Troll Hunter in the US and on VOD.

Now, I say “seemed” because I have seen the movie but I sure as hell don’t speak a lick of Norwegian. You can probably guess from what’s happening on screen as to what they’re saying but I still want to watch the movie dubbed or with subtitles. The trolls in this movie look both amazing and hideous in case you haven’t seen the trailer for it.

It’s also on VOD at this time so if you haven’t checked Troll Hunter out yet then I highly recommend it: just don’t watch the Norwegian only version. There isn’t any mention of production or release dates yet but as long as Columbus doesn’t make it some family friendly cheese-fest then I’m totally there to see an American version of Troll Hunter.

3 thoughts on “Chris Columbus Remaking Troll Hunter”

  1. This lools like a great film! I want to see it.
    But why the need to remake it? Are there really so many people who can’t cope with subtitles?


    1. Yes Lucy, there are. Most Americans won’t watch a movie with subtitles. That is why there is no outrage here when we ruin great foreign films like THE VANISHING…


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