Camelot Review – Episode 10 ‘Reckoning’

The Camelot finale is here finally, and I have to admit, after being disappointed with the last few episodes of the show before The Battle of Bardon Pass, this one paid off. A lot of things were tied up and there was a good set up for next season.


As you may or may not know in the last episode, Arthur told his men to leave Bardon’s Pass and that he would hold it himself. The men agree, because let’s face it… Arthur is a wife stealing turd eater. Gawain tries to stay of course due to his promise to Merlin. What ensues with Arthur protecting Bardon’s Pass can only be likened to Home Alone, with men falling on trip wires onto stakes, and paint cans flying from atop stair ways into the enemy soldiers’ faces. Well not paint cans, but rocks tied to boards and shit like that. He holds his own for quite some time, but Excalibur is taken from him by one of Morgan’s men and delivered to her. Little does she know that Arthur escaped and pushed them back once again.

While Arthur is making his last stand, Morgan is hard at work turning the people of the realm against Merlin and Igraine, and taking Camelot away from her brother. When she receives Excalibur from her men, Morgan believes she has won, and presents it to the people. They then question who would rule now with Arthur gone. Morgan’s little nunnery buddy Sybil suggests that Morgan be the one and the people in the throne room agree, Morgan prepares for her coronation.

Arthur in the meantime is pulling a ‘medieval Jack Bauer’ on one of Morgan’s men that he captured during their unsuccessful raid, cutting his face up, and threatening to poke his eyeball out before he cracks and spills the beans. Arthur now knows that Morgan is behind the whole debacle at Bardon Pass.

It’s the patented ‘Jack Bauer Crazy Eye’…

The next morning Arthur makes what should be his last stand against Morgan’s men, and he does admirably even though he’s certainly doomed. And then (predictably) out of nowhere Leontes and the others show up to save the day. But in another predictable turn of events, as Arthur and his knights celebrate, Morgan’s Knight ‘Sir Jack Meoff’ attempts to shoot Arthur with an arrow. Leontes shows his true loyalty and honor by jumping in the way and taking the arrow through the chest for the man who boinked his wife.

As he dies he tells Arthur to take care of Guinevere in so many words. Sir Jack Meoff gets completely destroyed by Gawain with a mid air sword blow and two more after that. Suck it!

Before Morgan heads down to her coronation she fatally stabs Igraine, showing how evil and twisted her character is. I actually liked Igraine a lot, and I’m really bummed that Claire Forlani won’t be on the show anymore.

“SHEEEEEE-IT!” (Any THE WIRE fans out there?)

She definitely got the last laugh though by telling her killer that it was her who saved Morgan by sending her to the nunnery as a child, and even though Morgan refuses to believe it, you know she’ll be haunted by it forever. Arthur interrupts the coronation of Morgan with a slow clap. You gotta love the slow clap, it’s how I interrupt every event that I think is a complete farce too.

After Morgan’s treachery is revealed Sybil actually steps in and takes the blame for everything that has happened, including Igraine’s death afterward. Pretty ballsy on her part. I couldn’t figure out why she looked so disappointed when Morgan said she knew nothing about it though. Sybil’s execution was pretty grim, with only herself, her executioner Gawain and an empty grave.

Merlin watched in the distance, eerily stating “There is no God” as Sybil gets beheaded. I was satisfied with the ending to her character, because I honestly couldn’t stand her, but her endgame and main motives are still unclear to me.


It isn’t the last we see of Sybil though: After Arthur strips Morgan of the Pendragon name and removes her castle from beneath his protection, Morgan asks Sybil for help at her grave and Sybil whispers in the wind about needing to give birth to a royal heir. Hmmmm….

The next scene involved Arthur, Guinevere and some major sex. I found myself hating the two characters even more during this scene, thinking how Leontes hasn’t even been in the ground that long and they’re just ready to move along! But then after Arthur is asleep and Guinevere’s nose starts to bleed you can see where this is going. After leaving the room we see that Morgan has shape shifted into Guinevere to become pregnant by Arthur. Sick-En-Ing! We’ll sure see Morgan le Fay by next season, and maybe little Mordred will be born by then. HOOOOOOO BOY!

Overall I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 bears, if only for how much predictability was flying all over the place, but the execution was great and I was really caught off guard by the killing of Igraine.

I hope that now all of the set up and love triangle garbage is out of the way so we can focus on better things in the next season. I loved Camelot at the start and then it sort of sagged in the middle, but got back to greatness at the end. I have some high hopes for Season 2 and with any luck Starz will deliver!

5 thoughts on “Camelot Review – Episode 10 ‘Reckoning’”

  1. Thanks for the great review- always makes me giggle- you’ll be happy to know that someone posted this review on the starz camelot message boards. They got some nasty critics there! anyways lots of people got to read your site! Keep up the good work! hope we get that season 2!


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