Return of the Fantastic Four: Minus Johnny Storm?

fantastic four banner

Nothing in comics stays gone for long, but it seems like the Future Foundation only got off the ground about six months ago. Because now Marvel has let us know through some more of their fabulous teasers that the Fantastic Four title will return. It makes you wonder if they would have originally have done this had DC not done the whole new number 1’s campaign. Check out the first teaser below: (thanks to IGN for the images)

So yeah, the first one was pretty generic, but I have to admit I was feeling a little nostalgic after seeing the old emblem again after so long. Most interesting about the second teaser is that the Fantastic Four is back, but with the same team members of Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Spiderman. They also have their white and black uniforms intact. Then again, in the second teaser their uniforms still have the Future Foundation insignia on them is it possible that the Fantastic Four will be made up of four new characters entirely? I doubt it but that would be interesting.

I for one am relieved that they didn’t bring Johnny Storm back yet. It would truly diminish the impact of his supposed death not that long ago, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel pulled some crap like that. But it looks like they didn’t so let’s all rejoice and wait and see what direction the reborn Fantastic Four goes.

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