Entourage: Season 8, Episode 4 – “Whiz Kid”

Unless you’re a complete imbecile, you’ll know that the title of the episode tonight is talking about Vince. Thankfully the majority of the episode is about Vince taking a whiz. You see, even though there was no wrongdoing on his part from the previous episode’s suicide, Vince is still in a bit of a predicament: Since there was cocaine in the house Vince’s probation officer still wants to have him take a drug test. Which is fine, right?

Wrong. Vince admits to E that he indeed took a couple of hits from a joint after getting out of rehab. Smooth move bro. Ari is having a grand old time with Dana and her sexy self but is striking out on every front with Mrs. Ari. After showing up late to couples therapy and getting walked out on, Ari declares war by taking Dana on a date to Bobby Flay’s resteraunt. This whole ordeal puts him on pretty shitty level with both Dana for him using her like that and Mrs. Ari for taking Dana to the resteraunt to antagonize Bobby. I realize Ari loves his wife but he has to realize that it may be over with her and he has quite a thing going with Dana who is almost entirely like him but as a woman. And as far as looks go Dana wins hands down.

But back to Vince’s whiz. After realizing that nothing Drama picked up will help him, (big surprise) Vince turns to Billy for help. Billy’s solution? Wear a patented fake penis with someone else’s urine in it to cheat the test. Vince agrees but on the way into the test asks E to follow him into the bathroom and tells him the plan. E tries to talk him out of it stating it would make things worse if he got caught. Vince appears to agree and after the test everyone eagerly awaits the results at home.

Finally Vince gets a call from his lawyer who tells him that he is good to go and the results came back negative. The guys all wonder about what could have happened until Vince announces that he went through with the fake schlong! Boom! I honestly didn’t see that one coming.

I give the episode a 5 out of 5 bears, because this was easily the season’s best episode yet. I really liked that it just focused on Vince for the most part, because he really is the main character in the show and they did a good job of building up a little suspense with the urinalysis results. Hopefully next week the Ari/Mrs. Ari drama comes to an end.

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