HBO Review – Boardwalk Empire: Season 2, Episode 2 “Ourselves Alone”

It was a nice surprise to see the episode start off in New York with Arnold Rothstein and Charlie “Lucky” Luciano back into the mix. More interesting was their meeting with Jimmy who was offering A.R. his own liquor products. I think everyone will be caught off guard to see how quickly things are moving against Nucky. After last week’s incarceration of both himself and Chalky, the sharks are moving in to finish the job.

The Commodore and Eli have Nucky’s inner circle set against him and taking over the liquor business, with Jimmy in charge of the liquor transporting. The only one who seems set against it is Damien. (The guy who inherited Nucky’s dad’s house.)

Overall the episode was average at best. I give it 2 out of 5 because honestly, not alot happened. Margaret wasn’t given a whole lot to do but play housewife while Nucky was gone dealing with his legal troubles. Even the parts with Jimmy in New York and his dealings with Lansky and Luciano were not very substantial even though they were the best parts. I’m hoping that next week’s episode picks things up a bit, especially with Nucky confronting his enemies face to face instead of over the phone.

One thought on “HBO Review – Boardwalk Empire: Season 2, Episode 2 “Ourselves Alone””

  1. Nice Nice!! I remember the episode 2 of Boardwalk Empire season 2. It was a fun episode, and I really liked it. Also, I heard some news that Boardwalk Empire season 3 is coming next year. I am really excited about it. I really want to watch it in a hurry!!


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