The League: Season 3, Episode 2 – “The Sukkah” Review

This week, on The League…… Jenny has her period! Seriously, this was one of the reoccurring jokes of the episode. We also find ourselves watching the guys struggling with keeping their porn shooting secret from Andre until they can premiere it. Ruxin trying to get his son in a prestigious Jewish school by throwing a Sukkah party, and all the guys trying to re-establish trust in the group to get a trade to occur that will improve all the teams in the aftermath of the draft debacle.

The show kicks off with Jenny, Kevin, and Taco checking out Jenny’s new bench advertisement that was extremely generous when it came to capturing her breasts. A bum decides to make this bench his home, and a ragging Jenny now makes the removal of this bum Kevin’s problem. Kevin does get to the bum by reasoning with him and confiding in him about his wife’s time of the month, but the bum has the last laugh when he tagged the bench and informed everyone about Jenny having her period. This was the slow part of the episode that I could have done without, but they did do a good job tying it into the ending. Of course it’s up to Kevin to get THIS taken care of as well.. More on this later…

We next hear of Ruxin trying to get his household ready for his party by trying to get a pothole removed, but the city is dragging their feet. Taco happens to mention that the city is too busy cleaning graffiti in his neighborhood to do anything else, which gives my boy Ruxin a brilliant idea. In order to get his pot-hole fixed ASAP he decides to spray paint a swastika next to it in front of his house. This act just so happened to be caught on the google maps satellite photos for all to see and making him look like a self hating jew.

Hilarious. The episode really starts gaining momentum when Pete, Taco, and Ruxin go to Andre’s place to try to talk to him about having a 4 team trade. Andre who is oblivious to what happened in his apartment is not only eating food off of the orgy couch, he even tries to clean off what he thinks is drool from the fabric by licking his fingers and rubbing the jizz spots repeatedly, and kissing the infamous Ruxin ring all to the horror of the guys watching.

Needless to say Andre refuses to trade until he gets information about what went down in his apartment last week. He even goes as far as offering a reward of any player on his team for information after he contracts thrush. Disgusting. In order to get trades going, the group gets together in the Sakkah tent to clear the air and reestablish trust within the group despite the fact that they continue to hide the fact that they screwed Ruxin from the first pick and that a porno was shot at Andre’s place. The only fantasy football portion of the show ends with the group agreeing to carry out the eight team trade and no one will screw each other in the deal….. Of course you know that doesn’t happen.

Chuck clearly has the best team…

Anyways the best part of the episode is during the last ten minutes at Ruxin’s Sukkah party which is now not only taking place at Kevin’s house in order to avoid the guest from seeing the google map image of Ruxin spray painting a swastika in front of his house when they look for directions, but it is being put together by Taco. The whole point of this party was to impress the recruiter from the jewish school Ruxin wants his son to attend, but you know the whole group there, you know that’s not going to happen. Before the party gets going, we learn that the infamous Sacko Porno DVD is ready to make its debut. The Sukkah kicks off this the school recruiter performing a ritual with the only vegetation Taco knows….. Weed…

After the ritual we find out that the agreed upon trade between the eight teams did not go entirely as planned. Someone decided to screw Pete out of his players. Who could it have been??!?! Andre! While outside confronting Andre about why he screwed, Kevin’s daughter accidentally puts one the porno named Sacko instead of the Sukkah DVD as instructed for everyone to see on the big screen Taco built over Kevin’s garage.

While predictable, still hilarious to see Andre’s reaction. Of course all in attendance comes out of the tent to see what is going on, and are appalled. amongst the commotion, Kevin comes running out of his house with his laptop to see what is going. Kevin is promptly recognized by the Jewish school recruiter as the neighborhood nazi. ‘Why is that’ you may be asking? Because he decided to put a swastika on Jenny’s bench in order to get the city to remove the period graffiti and the recruiter took a picture of him doing it. We have come full circle.

Kevin trying to defend himself, says he did it because it worked for “this guy” showing the picture of Ruxin painting the swastika in front of his house to get the pot hole fix. Needless to say the recruiter accuses the whole group of being nazis and vows that Ruxin’s son will not get into the school. The show comes to a close with the best line of the night.

“I’m baby Jeffery Ruxin. I’m in the cul-de-sac son! Ugh!”

I do have the to say while this episode started off slow and was light on the fantasy football aspect, the episode ended extremely strong and topped last weeks premier. 3.5 out of 5 grizzlies. I would say 3.75, but the graphics guy doesn’t know how to color in 3/4 of a grizzly for some odd reason.

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