#10 – Countdown to Halloween: HALLOWEEN II (1981)

RECAP: Halloween II begins on the night of Halloween… beginning exactly where the original Halloween left off.

Michael is shot by Dr. Sam Loomis six times, and still somehow manages to get up and walk away, left to terrorize the neighborhood. He gets into a neighbor’s home, and steals a butcher knife, leaving behind only a sample of his blood.

He soon after uses that knife to kill an unsuspecting teenager who is home alone.

In the beginning of this movie, we see that Laurie (who we know by the end of this movie is Michael’s sister) has been injured by ol’ Mikey. She is rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. While Dr. Loomis continues searching the neighborhood for Michael, a somewhat still intoxicated doctor begins treating Laurie by putting her to sleep.

A younger man named Jimmy, a paramedic at the hospital, gets friendly with Laurie. (Bow-chicka-wow-wow!) Dr. Loomis is working with the police officers and they kill someone they believe to be Myers, but is actually Laurie’s old boyfriend from Halloween I. Michael gets into the hospital, and this is where the movie gets extra scary.

No one can reach the phones to the hospital anymore, as Michael cuts all of the lines. When Laurie starts waking up, the paramedic Jimmy is there. He tells her that it is Michael Myers that tried to kill her. At this point, she does not know that is her brother. Laurie has flashbacks of being adopted and visiting Michael in the mental institution.

Mr. Garrett, a security guard at the hospital, notices that the lock to the stock room is broken and radios in to the nurse to drive to the police station. Unfortunately, she is an absolute retard of Paris Hilton proportions, and cannot work a walkie-talkie.

While this is happening, one of the nurses and a paramedic get into the hydrotherapy tub…. basically a hot tub. SOMEONE turns the heat way up, and as they get out Michael gets into the room. He drowns the naked nurse in boiling lava hot water.

It is very hard to watch… drowning is one of my biggest fears.  As the staff of the hospital slowly gets killed one by one, Laurie becomes closer and closer to her encounter with Michael Myers.

Although she is technically awake, she is still only somewhat conscious as she attempts escaping the insane murder. She hobbles through the hospital and has to literally drag herself from room to room. It is the most frustrating escape attempt I have ever seen in a movie.

During this, Dr. Loomis realized that Laurie is at the hospital and is in grave danger. He finds her at the most crucial point and helps her create a diversion to get out of the hospital while Laurie shoots Michael in the eyes. The room they are in bursts into flames, but Michael continues trying to get up to chase Laurie. He ignites and falls to the ground. At the end, Laurie transfers to another hospital.

Why this movie is so awesome:

1. Michael Myers got shot SIX times and did not die. SIX! I dare you to get shot half of that and not die. I Triple-dog-dare you!

2. For some reason, the doctor is intoxicated, and one of the male paramedics is smoking a roach. How are they allowed to do this? They are awesome. (Also, “every other word he said was hell or shit or damn” according to the nurse.)

3. The nurses are younger attractive females wearing tight dresses.

4. There is a naked nurse in a hot tub. Yes, she dies a gruesome death… but as I understand, boobs are cool.

5. This is the part of the series where you find out that Michael Myers is Laurie’s brother. For those of you who watched the series in order, it was a mindf*#K much like “Luke, I am your father”.

I give Halloween II a 5/5. An absolute winner!

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