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Countdown to Halloween: Playing Dress Up, Costume Hits and Horrors

The costume stores may be selling out of Dracula and slutty nurse costumes, but hard core geeks have been known to bring their A-Game when it comes to Halloween. And while dressing up yourself can be tons of fun, lucky geeks with candy fetching minions are putting their talents to work creating some amazing costumes for their kids.

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Countdown to Halloween: Michael Myers and the Messy Timeline Split

In 1978 John Carpenter and Debra Hill gave us one of the greatest indie movies of all time in Halloween. It has become a true classic, the theme music iconically representing the season, and the blank stare of the mask now synonymous with evil.

The story goes that on Halloween night, when he was only six, little Michael Myers killed his sister Judith with a butcher knife. He then spent the next 15 years institutionalized, and his parents died in a car crash, leaving behind his baby sister named Cynthia. At the age of 21, Michael escapes the hospital and returns home to murder the last remaining member of his family. The guy is thorough.

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Countdown To Halloween: Table Top Bonanza’s Gruesome Games To Play On Halloween

It is coming close to Halloween, the time when costumes, candy and scares are a plenty. But what does one do when the urge to dress up fades? What do you do when you are tired of the same old horror flicks on TV or your streaming channel of choice?

You still want a horrifically entertaining Halloween, but can you do that from the comfort of your own home? Of course you can! Through the magic of table top gaming you can enjoy all the Halloween thrills you desire. So get a few pals by your side and let your imagination run wild with this special edition of Table Top Bonanza.

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Welcome to Our Nightmares! GB’s Writers Share Their Freakiest Moments

At last it’s October, and we’re celebrating Halloween all month long. To kick things off, several of our writers have each agreed to share what freaked them out the most – as it relates to movies, TV, comics, books, or pop culture, naturally.

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Homemade Horror: Prelude To Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Grizzly Bomb has dusted off the keyboard and delved deep into the crypts of the world-wide web to dig out some really unique, fun and creepy horror creations made by independent artists with a very unique style.

This collection of artistic creation is all neatly bundled together for you, giving you a visual guided tour of some of the web’s coolest creations.

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Five Films To Stoke Your Halloween Spirit

This is the time of year when the leaves start to change to vibrant colors and a cold chill fills the air. It is the end of October and it is the time where we prick up our ears at strange sounds at night. But what if you haven’t been bitten by the Halloween spirit yet? What are you waiting for? Here are five movies to get you into the mood for the holiday!


[tabgroup][tab title=”Trick ‘R Treat”]


One of the better anthologies that are out there focusing on Halloween. There are four stories that are interwoven together and they are all awesome. Sprinkle in some comic art and some great costumes and special effects and this will get you in the mood for the holiday.[/tab]

[tab title=”Insidious”]


There are movies that I watch religiously and there are movies I will watch once and never again. This is the ONLY movie I have not watched at all because it is that scary. I’ve showed it to other people and they have come back to me shivering. The film will worm its way into your brain and stay there making you jump at strange noises at night.[/tab]

[tab title=”V/H/S 2″]

vhs 2

Why choose this film instead of the first? Simply, because I have to say that this film is superior than the first one in every single way. These four stories will captivate you and will want to watch the entire movie from beginning to end.[/tab]

[tab title=”The Innkeepers”]

the innkeepers

This has a very creepy vibe to it as it deals with two people who are watching over an inn. The inn has seen better days and it is about to close, but the two folks who take care of the inn are also ghost hunters. And, what’s worse they go looking for ghosts in this inn and when they find them that is when the problems start. Not quite The Shining, but that is hard to beat.[/tab]

[tab title=”You’re Next”]


This is a film I missed in the theaters and will see at some point if only because the premise sounds so promising. A house in the countryside in which the family is trapped when they come under attack from animal masked killers? What more perfect a choice to watch as you sit in the house waiting for all the little trick or treat’ers to come knocking on your door?


These are some of the scary movies that are out there that will get you into the mood for Halloween. What about you? What are some of the scary movies you love to watch to get you in the mood for this holiday? Let us know as we love to hear from you!

Halloween Songs to Chill You to the Bone!

Happy Halloween to all you Grizzly Bomb readers out there. No doubt a lot of you will be getting geared up for your own Halloween antics and slapping on your costumes for a night filled with mischief and scares. For anyone that is having a party, some terribly terrific tunes will be needed to add just the right atmosphere. Grizzly Bomb is more than happy to oblige. Here is a short play list of this reviewers personal favorites; hopefully they will manage to give you all a bit of a chill.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Over at the Frankenstein Place

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film that is perfect for any occasion, but Halloween is where it truly can shine. The soundtrack has so many fantastic tracks on it that it is tricky to pick one, but this one is just perfect for when you need to slow the mood down and have a sing along with your friends at the same time.

Alice Cooper –Man behind the Mask

What is better than Friday the 13th on Halloween? Alice Cooper singing about Jason Voorhees perhaps? A rocking track from the great man himself which, if you are of a certain generation, will get you rocking around the kitchen with a tie around your head in no time.

Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers – Monster Mash

Now this is a classic song for the Halloween season. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that has not heard this song at least once and it is perfect for all you monster mashers out there.

Sheb Wooley – The Purple People Eater

While more of an obscure selection, this but song has some great visuals attached to it. With such a catchy tune it’s difficult not to want to sing along to the chorus when it kicks in.

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

This song probably has another meaning and is not to be taken literally. But it does conjure up some awesome visuals and with such great lyrics involving werewolves that eat Chinese food and attack old ladies it is a perfect Halloween themed tune.

Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party

Oingo Boingo are better known for their work on 80’s classics like Weird Science. But it is also a band that had a certain Danny Elfman in it (the man behind pretty much every Tim Burton film score to date). With his band Oingo Boingo he made some incredible musical hits including this little tune.

Ramones – Pet Cemetery

The Ramones are rock legends and have dabbled in film scores before (Rock and Roll High School is one of the most notable entries), but this tune manages to capture the feeling of Stephen King’s work perfectly.

Ozzy Osborne – Bark at the Moon

Ozzy has knocked out some incredible horrific tunes but this song (for the video alone) needs to be included in any Halloween bash. The great guitar riffs certainly don’t hurt this piece of metal history.

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

It is difficult to pick a White Zombie track that does not exhibit Rob Zombie’s unique love of horror movies. But with Living Dead Girl he manages to give us an incredible song which also harks back to the German horror films of the silent era of cinema. This tune is not as frantic as his other hits (like say Dragula), but it is still a hauntingly effective tune that is great to listen to with the lights out.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

The grand daddy of music videos and the ultimate Halloween song, there is little else to say about this John Landis directed masterpiece. It is with this video that we will leave our trip through the weird world of music and let you readers enjoy your Halloween antics. There are plenty more Halloween songs out there, but hopefully this list will keep you entertained until the trick or treating commences.

Now how could I end an article on spooky tunes without including this classic!