The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 4 – “Cherokee Rose”

Mega-recap: In last week’s episode, Otis died (thanks, Shane…) and Carl survived a risky surgery. Shane made up a particularly disturbing story about Otis telling him to go on without him, and sacrificing himself to that Shane could make it back to the farm with the tools necessary for Carl’s surgery. What really happened was that Shane shot Otis in the leg, turning him into a zombie feast. Lori admitted to her husband Rick that she didn’t want Carl to suffer anymore, and if he didn’t survive, it might be better for him in the long run. In the situation where Lori had to make the decision between letting Carl die peacefully, or having him go through surgery (before the tools showed up) she chose to have the surgery performed.Sophia was still missing at the end of last week’s episode.

This week “Cherokee Rose” began with the rest of the crew meeting up at Hershel’s farm. Carl woke up from his surgery, and soon after fell asleep. The group gave Otis a symbolic funeral service outside, in which Shane was asked to speak on his behalf. Shane spouted off some bullshit about Otis’s last words. Shane is slowly becoming a villain. Why is he still there again?

Daryl decides to head back into town to look for Sophia. Due to all of the blood he’s given to his son, Rick cannot go along. Shane confronts Lori about whether she meant that she wanted him to stay with the group or not, and she of course said she meant it. Great. More Shane.

Maggie goes on a trip to a local pharmacy to get some more gauze and supplies, and brings Glenn along with her. I think… nay… hope that there is a budding romance there.

While T-Dog and Dale pump water from the well, they find a swimming zombie down the well. He is bloated and disgusting… just how I like my zombies. The crew tries to pull the zombie up out of the well, since that is one of the only sources of water.

They send Glenn down as live bait, and almost lose him as he falls farther. Somehow, while struggling for his life, Glenn manages to get a rope around the zombie’s neck. Classy! Are you ready for the most horrifying and vomit-inducing part? While they are pulling the zombie out of the well, he literally rips in half. The bottom half of his slimy, rotting insides falls into the well, leaving the group frustrated.

While out looking for Sophia, Daryl comes across an abandoned home with a fresh can of food out on the table, and a pillow and blanket in the closet. Obviously, at this point, it looks as if Sophia has been there.

Glenn and Maggie get to the pharmacy and begin ransacking. Lori requests a pregnancy test (I CALLED THAT!!! SOMEONE OWES ME A COKE! I foresee baby-daddy drama!). Lori has requested that Glenn keep that information private, and so Glenn pretends he is grabbing condoms when Maggie approaches him. She agrees to have sex with him! An unexpected sexual conquest at the pharmacy… how exciting for the Asian loner!

Rick and Hershel had a conversation earlier in the episode in which Hershel told Rick that he and the gang would have to leave the farm once they were back up and running. Rick confronted Hershel and said that he should reconsider. That they have seen too much and need somewhere to stay. Hershel says to Rick that if Rick and the group all respect his rules that he will consider letting them stay.

Daryl went into the RV and gave Carol a Cherokee Rose. He told her a story behind it, in which the Gods sent a sign to give a mother hope that her child was okay, and the next day that flower began blooming in front of the mother. He said that he believed that rose bloomed for Sophia. A beautiful gesture from who I always thought was a mindless redneck, but is becoming a favorite character of mine. Carl woke up, and started having a conversation with Rick. Carl is already making jokes about being in the same club as his dad (guys who have been shot). He even wears his dad’s sheriff hat. It is absolutely adorable.

As the episode ends, Lori pees on that magical stick which contains her fate. She is positively pregnant.

Reaction: First of all, it is looking less and less likely that they are going to find Sophia unharmed. Carol is going to lose her damn mind.

This episode gave us everything we would need to stay entertained. We had horrific gore, sex, and drama! I was thoroughly entertained.

I feel a pressing need to call Maury Povich. I can see the episode now… Shane saying he is 110% sure he is the baby-daddy. My imagination is loving this.

 Carl is doing just fine! That is one tough little kid. I applaud his bravery.

As my final thought, throughout this episode I, for some reason, could not stop thinking that if a zombie apocalypse ever hits, I will have to become a much much less picky eater.

I give “Cherokee Rose” a 5/5.

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