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The Walking Dead: 3.02 – “Sick” Review

Yes, it has been a few days since the episode “Sick” aired on AMC. You can’t blame us for the late posting! I am from Detroit, so we are very caught up in our whole being in the world series thing.

Now then… let’s get to it! This episode took me by surprise for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, there has been some character development. For one brief instance, I liked Carol’s character. I know… I was surprised too. She is always so damn useless and unimpressive. When I see her, I yawn. However, in this episode, Carol levels up. She has been trained by Hershel to assist with Lori’s medical needs when she delivers the baby, so she is helping with Hershel’s lost limb situation. She also kills a female walker to practice performing a Caesarean section when Lori goes into labor. For about one small second, Carol, I liked you.

T-Dog also got slightly more badass! Usually, T-Dog’s job is to stand around and exist. In this episode, T-Dog gets chatty when the fellas confront the other survivors. T-Dog can be quite the cool character!

Oh yes, the others! The five prisoners who survived the attack on the prison were brought out of the cafeteria, where they had been eating, sleeping, defecating and apparently working out since the walkers started appearing. The cafeteria had massive amounts of food for the group, which Rick agreed to split with the five in exchange for helping them clear out another cell block for the possibly dangerous group to stay in.

Big Tiny started off as my favorite of the new guys. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle the reality of the situation when he got scratched by a walker. The crazy Mexican convict bashed Big Tiny’s brains in, but not just enough to kill him; the psycho obliterated him. When I saw this, I knew he was going to die, and he got taken care of after he tossed a walker at Rick.

Now we have 3 of the 5 prisoners left. The little guy with the bat runs off and is PRESUMED dead, but since when do they kill people off-screen on this show? The other 2 are moved into another cell block and told to stay out of the way.

Hershel remains alive,  not a walker, although the very dimwitted Lori gave him mouth to mouth and I panicked because he looked like he might attack her. I am glad that he is alive, however if he had died I would understand. Here is what I keep thinking about… Hershel now has 1 and a half legs, a baby is about to be born, and Lori (if she survives giving birth) will be out of commission for a bit. Having a baby with no drugs or modern medicine…imagine that! I am in pain just thinking about it. Good thing Carl never stays where he’s told…

While my mind would be full of how to survive, Lori’s is full of her need for Rick to talk to her about their relationship. Boring! My thoughts: She should wait it out! He doesn’t necessarily have any other options, I mean, the world is full of the undead and a possible few stragglers. He will stop thinking with his brain one day, and start thinking with his genitalia. And we all know she’s good for that! *wink*

This week was very exciting, however I feel like the prisoners were taken care of very quickly. The Hispanic guy could have been a great villain!  I liked the character development, even if it was subtle.

4/5 Grizzlies

The Walking Dead: Updates!

In an interview with Assignment X, writer/producer/creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman said that season 3 is “going to be awesome” – real shocker there. Showrunner Glen Mazzara tweeted that Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) has been upgraded to a regular character on the show! This by no means ensures her survival, but we’ll see how valuable she is to the group. Lord knows they need some chicks in the group who are worth a damn. And I bet Steven Yeun is happy…

New York Magazine recently asked the question which AMC drama’s kid has the worst parents? When evaluating Carl Grimes, they said this: “The minute there’s not enough attention paid to Carl, someone ends up dead.”  We have said this in many different reviews of ours. We’ve begged the questions “Where the hell are his parents? Does Carl even have a room? Why won’t Carl stop stealing guns and taunting walkers?” I think that it is safe to say, Lori and Rick are not parents of the year. [Editor’s Note – I gotta throw a vote for Betty Draper in there for worst mother…]

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire – FINALE REVIEW

The finale of Season 2 began awesomely, by showing us where the massive horde of walkers originated from, all the way back in Atlanta. The helicopter from the first episode was flying overhead (don’t know who it was yet), and the walkers were mindlessly following it. As the horde heard Carl’s gunshot from, they followed that, and unfortunately for Herschel’s farm, there were hundreds of them at that point. Rick and Carl were heading back toward the farmhouse after the Shane incident when they noticed the horde of walkers following them. At this point Rick’s quick thinking took them towards the barn, where he proceeded to light it on fire – killing/distracting the walkers. The Grimes Boys escape with help from Jimmy, who pulls the RV up to the barn so they can jump onto the roof, and then stops the thing. Why did he stop the RV after Rick and Carl were on it? I presume suicide. My favorite part of the beginning, though, is that Lori suddenly realizes that Carl is not in his room. This is a running joke, now, because Lori always loses her son. I doubt if Carl even has the room that he is always supposed to be in.

After the fiery barn escape, the whole group teams up to fend off the giant number of zombies attacking them, and they fail. Patricia gets eaten right in front of everyone, as Beth had to be pulled away from her screaming. Who is Patricia, you ask? Otis’s wife… but I Googled that. Why did she get attacked? Because she was a very unimportant filler character, and every time she spoke, everyone fell asleep. Boom.

Hershel being the total bad-ass he is, tried taking on all of the walkers himself. Eastwood style.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 11- “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

First and foremost, I must say this: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE. You WILL hate yourself if I am the one to ruin it for you. This episode began with a huge debate over whether Randall (Captain Leg Wound) would live or die. The argument is that Randall could possibly lead the group of 30+ strangers to Hershel’s farm if he is let go. If they kill him that threat is potentially squashed, Dale is arguing however, that if they execute a fellow human being for a crime he hasn’t even attempted to commit, they lose their humanity.

Throughout the episode, Dale attempts to convince everyone in the group to find another way to deal with Randall, one by one we see how these people have changed since the Zombie threat has arrived. All the while, Carl is becoming more and more desensitized because of the world around him. He is beginning to act out. He yelled at Carol (who cares?), but he also taunted a walker in the woods after stealing (and losing) Daryl’s gun! Continue reading The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 11- “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 6 – “Secrets”

In the beginning of this episode, Carl and Lori are feeding the chickens on Hershel’s farm. The mother chicken is missing, and we see Patricia feed the live hen to the walkers being kept in Hershel’s hayloft. Oh yes… I have been anticipating this episode for what has been the longest week of waiting ever! Carl steals a gun and tells Shane that he wants to learn to shoot. It took a lot of convincing for Lori, but she and Rick allowed Carl to go learn to shoot guns with Shane. At shooting practice with the group, Andrea wows Rick and Shane with her target skills.

FYI: Never tell Glenn a secret. He told Dale about the walkers in the barn and that Lori is pregnant. Dale confronted Hershel about the walkers in his barn. He explained that the atrocities he saw were men killing sick men, whether they were walkers or not. Also, that Hershel has family members in the barn who are walkers. Dale confronts Lori about her pregnancy. He also brought up the Shane situation, which no one has really brought up since the first season. Lori says that she is living off of memories of joy. She also says that Carl probably has no memories of joy left, and that the baby would have none.

Glenn is very easily one of my favorite characters. He told Lori that if she needed anything at all he would help her, since she hasn’t told Rick. He is making a trip into town for her. He seems to be the only character who is not yet jaded by what is going on around them. While he and Maggie are in the drug store in town, Glenn has to brutally kill a walker who is after Maggie.When Glenn and Maggie get back to Hershel’s farm, Maggie screams at Lori. Lori apparently asked Glenn to get her morning after pills, or “abortion pills”. Maggie also tells Glenn that he is walker bait, and she can’t take him turning into one of them.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 4 – “Cherokee Rose”

Mega-recap: In last week’s episode, Otis died (thanks, Shane…) and Carl survived a risky surgery. Shane made up a particularly disturbing story about Otis telling him to go on without him, and sacrificing himself to that Shane could make it back to the farm with the tools necessary for Carl’s surgery. What really happened was that Shane shot Otis in the leg, turning him into a zombie feast. Lori admitted to her husband Rick that she didn’t want Carl to suffer anymore, and if he didn’t survive, it might be better for him in the long run. In the situation where Lori had to make the decision between letting Carl die peacefully, or having him go through surgery (before the tools showed up) she chose to have the surgery performed.Sophia was still missing at the end of last week’s episode.

This week “Cherokee Rose” began with the rest of the crew meeting up at Hershel’s farm. Carl woke up from his surgery, and soon after fell asleep. The group gave Otis a symbolic funeral service outside, in which Shane was asked to speak on his behalf. Shane spouted off some bullshit about Otis’s last words. Shane is slowly becoming a villain. Why is he still there again?

Daryl decides to head back into town to look for Sophia. Due to all of the blood he’s given to his son, Rick cannot go along. Shane confronts Lori about whether she meant that she wanted him to stay with the group or not, and she of course said she meant it. Great. More Shane.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 “Bloodletting” Recap & Review

RECAP: In the beginning of the newest episode of The Walking Dead “Bloodletting”, it flashes back to before the outbreak. Rick has been shot in the line of duty, and Shane goes to tell Laurie. She is at Carl’s school and tells him about it when he gets out.

Flash Forward: Rick is carrying his son Carl and running, because as we know from the last episode, Carl has been shot. The man who accidentally shot Carl tells Rick to take him to Hershel and he will help his boy. This is the introduction of Hershel Greene and his family.

The group is still looking for Sophia, although at this point, they are all very worried. The group in the woods heard one single gunshot (the one that hit Carl), and do not yet know why it was fired. Meanwhile, back at the car, T-Dog needs antibiotics because he clearly has a bad infection. He sliced his skin wide open on a metal shard in the previous episode.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Premiere “What Lies Ahead”

RECAP: In the beginning of this premiere episode “What Lies Ahead”, the clan begins heading towards Fort Bennett. Since we already know that most of Season two will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, I assume that is where Fort Bennett is. The group has split up and are taking separate vehicles.

On their way, they come across a vast area of abandoned vehicles, a “graveyard” if you will, and the RV breaks down. The group goes through the vehicles, all the while trying to keep a lookout for the walking dead. Once a zombie is spotted, Rick notices that there are dozens of them coming towards the area where they broke down. The group quickly runs underneath nearby vehicles for protection. May I just take this time to say that the makeup/effects team has clearly reached their very highest potential. I cannot believe how realistic and terrifying these things look.

During this, Andrea gets attacked in the bathroom of the RV, but manages to not only refrain from getting bitten, but manages to kill a walker with a screwdriver… to his eye. T-Dog cut himself on one of the cars, dripping blood everywhere. Although zombies were obviously attracted by this, Daryl throws a dead body on top of himself and T-Dog, and this keeps them from attacking. Sadly, little Sophia is chased by walkers into the woods. Rick tells her exactly where to head for, and he kills the two walkers.

I am sure you remember Shane’s mishap with Lori in Season 1. When Shane and Lori are alone, Shane tells her that he is going to be veering from the group. He is fixing himself up a new ride, and he is leaving the pack.

When Rick and Daryl are in the woods looking for Sophia, they find a walker with skin caught in his teeth. Daryl opens his stomach with a knife and they dive in. They gut him. I have to say that this part made me slightly nauseous. It was the most disgusting thing I think I have ever seen… and I have seen some pretty gnarly stuff. As it turns out, it was a Woodchuck.

Against her wishes, Andrea’s gun was taken by Dale. He said he was not comfortable with her having it, and frankly, I understand why. When I first saw her working on her gun in the RV, I figured she was going to kill herself, since that was what she was going to do at the CDC last season.

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