#22 – Countdown to Christmas: ELF

In 2003, a movie released called “Elf”. This movie told the story of a human boy whose mother gave him to an orphanage, and who’s father never knew he existed. He was just a baby when he crawled into Santa’s (Ed Asner) bag as he delivered toys to the orphanage. Who was this boy? His name was Buddy (Will Ferrell). After Santa got back to the North Pole that night, he noticed a baby crawl out of his bag. Santa and Papa Elf (Bob Newhart) decided to adopt the baby boy and he became an Elf.

Buddy actually went his entire life thinking he was an elf, despite his many difficulties. While other elves pushed out hundreds or thousands of toys a day in the production room, Buddy could only do dozens. He didn’t fit in the beds, showers, or desks, and he was much taller than all of the other elves. When Buddy finds out from Papa Elf who he really is, he goes to New York City to find his real father (James Caan).

When Buddy goes to see his dad, who works in the Empire State Building, he is thought to be a nut at first. His father’s security team kicks Buddy out several times. Once his father Walter Hobbs finally gets a DNA test and accepts that Buddy is his son, he takes the elf-man to stay with him and his wife Emily (Mary Steenburgen) and his son Michael (Daniel Tay). Buddy also gets a job at Gimbel’s because he was mistook for an employee. He manages to bring his coworker Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) lots of Christmas cheer. Throughout the movie, Jovie and Buddy fall in love.

Buddy had many interesting adventures throughout the movie. He got into a fight with a Gimbel’s Santa Clause in front of a long line of children. Buddy also won a snowball fight against some kids who were picking on Michael. He made a rocking chair out of the entertainment center, and also got a job in the mail room at Walter’s work where he got drunk.

Closer to the end of the movie, Buddy almost ruins his dad’s career by calling a famous author (Game of Throne’s Peter Dinklage), who is a dwarf, an elf. His dad yells at him, and Buddy runs away.

He then finds Santa in trouble in Central Park, and with the help of Michael, Walter, Jovie, and a news crew, he saves Christmas!

Although this movie is great for kids of all ages, it is hilarious enough for adults to enjoy. I do not know one single person who does not like this movie. In fact, it is one of my personal favorites. “Elf” packs some of the most amazing actors into one big Christmas movie. Mary Steenburgen is one of my favorite actresses of all time. Her best Christmas movie is “One Magic Christmas”, but “Elf” is definitely a close second. Having Bob Newhart play Papa Elf and narrate is the best decision they could have made for this movie. Obviously, I cannot forget about Will Ferrell, who clearly made the movie. Without the hilarious one-liners from the curly-haired elf, this movie would have been just another boring Christmas story.

Overall, I believe that Elf deserves a 5/5. It is one of the most interesting and original plots in a movie in a long time.

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