The NBA lockout is over and there will be a 2011-12 NBA season.   After 149 day lockout, the season will begin on Christmas day with a shortened 66 game regular season.  I’ll have to admit I wouldn’t have really missed the NBA if the season was cancelled.  That’s odd since I’ve been obsessed with basketball for about 25 years.  It’s a different game now than what it was even 10 years ago.  The game has become too much about greed, popularity, and sports “entertainment”.  Owners/players have become greedy.  The Superstars have too much power over the game.  Lastly, there’s too much unnecessary drama.  Let’s go over the negatives of the NBA having a season this year.


10.) The Boston Celtics Last Run?

Ok, we know the Celtics are old.  KG is in his 17th season, Paul Pierce is in his 14th season.  Ray Allen is in his 16th season.  Heck, Jermaine O’Neal is in his 16th season too.  Don’t expect the Celtics to resign both KG and Allen at the end of the season.  This Celtics era will come to an end this year.  No need to talk about this anymore.

9.) Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest)

I’ve always liked and respected his game and didn’t mind his personality.  Every team he played for either improved during his time there or became true contenders.  Ron Artest was the man.  Metta World Peace – nowhere near the man he was before.  Also pick a name that’s less annoying to hear and say.

8.) NBA’s Selection of Theme Songs

Over the last 8 years the NBA’s theme songs for an NBA season opener, Christmas games, and Playoffs have gone through Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, Black Eyed Peas, Rob Thomas, Tom Petty, Pussycat Dolls, U2, Rolling Stones, etc.  Why do they always have to pick the most annoying songs from these artists?  Who’s the next choice?

7.) Van Gundy and Jackson Duo Comes to an End

I loved their banters during games.  Mark Jackson is now the new head coach for Golden State.  Jackson and Van Gundy were a hilarious duo. They complimented each other very well with their strong stance on off-the-wall topics at times. Both stated what viewers were thinking.  I hate to see this marriage broken up.  Who’s going to be Van Gundy’s partner in crime now?  Tim Legler? Vomit.

 6.) Phil Jackson to coach Miami or New York?

Now this rumor hasn’t emerged at all yet but it will especially if Miami and New York are both underachieving at some point during the season.  You know it will be addressed.  Who else is a master at taking a shortcut to a championship? It’s only a matter of time that Jackson will return to the NBA.  He does like to take the jobs where he has if not the best player, one of the bests on his team.

 5.)  The 2011 Draft Class

The incoming rookies this year is not that great at all. There won’t be any exciting superstars at least not this year. Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, Derrick Williams, and Jan Vesely are the key guys to keep an eye out for but none of these guys will put up highlight reels or ridiculous numbers in their first year.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rookie of the year is a late first rounder who just rebounds like crazy.

4.)  The Refs

Wow. How bad has the officiating been getting over the years.  Flops – If people watching the game can tell if it’s a flop or not; why can’t the refs tell and they’re right there in the action.  How about the ridiculous technical fouls being called nowadays.  Depending on who you are, you can’t even laugh w/o some refs calling a tech.  How about all the missed calls, late calls or even worse “make-up calls”.  Just get it right the first time already.

3.)  Superstar Calls 

I cannot stand the calls Superstars get from the refs.  The Lebron’s, the D-Wade’s, the Kobe’s, etc.  Yes, this is part of the game but it’s at a low point now.  Have you seen how Lebron James get’s to the basket nowadays?  Isn’t there a very fundamental rule called traveling?  Superstar calls will never end but it’s got to tone down a notch or two.

2.) Miami Heat

You think the storyline last year was annoying. This year will be even worse.  How does Miami react to the loss to the Mavs?  How does Lebron come back after his poor 4th qtr performances in the Finals?  Is Eric Spoelstra the right coach?  What did the Big 3 do for Christmas?  Everything will be all about Miami again.  It’s done with people.  Year one showed this is not truly a “Super Team”.

1.)  Lebron James

The biggest prima donna and egotistical player I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  I dread having to go through another season listening and watching all the drama and fake ass comments this guy says. Yes, he’s a great athlete and one of the most skilled players ever but his personality and actions have influenced the NBA in a negative way over the last 8 years.  It amazes me how some still put him on a pedestal.  What has he done?

Stay tuned for Part 2.  (Top 10 Things To Be Excited About the NBA)

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One thought on “NBA Lockout Over: 10 THINGS TO DREAD ABOUT THE NBA”

  1. Great article Ricker…
    Let’s hope Ron – er…Metta doesn’t break out his Dancing with the Stars moves on the court, cause he has no rhythm. I really want to see “The Decision” part two – don’t you?


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