#15 – Countdown to Christmas: A CHRISTMAS STORY

In 1983, one of the most iconic and over-played Christmas movies released. It was called “A Christmas Story“.

Some of you may be sick of this film by now because TV has ruined it. Not only do they chop it up, but it plays on loop for 24 straight hours beginning on Christmas Eve every year. I however, still love this movie for so many reasons! In A Christmas Story, Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) is just a geeky kid in glasses who gets picked on sometimes and has an annoying little brother. The plot for this entire movie revolved around what Ralphie wants for Christmas: A Red Ryder BB gun. This does not sound like it would make a good movie, but this film is absolutely hilarious because of the little things.

The classic rebuttal to Ralphie’s request for a BB gun is repeated by not only his mother, but his teacher and the mall Santa Claus: “You’ll shoot your eye out!” A classic line, which I could totally hear my mom saying, had I ever requested such a gift.

Ralphie’s father is hysterical throughout the movie. He wins a prize from a sweepstakes and it turns out to be a lamp shaped like a sexy leg with stockings on. He puts in the front window and his wife absolutely hates it. I crack up every time I see his reaction.

 Also, his dad is always cursing or yelling about something, whether it be the Bumpuses’ dogs or the furnace. He is always muttering something, but this flick kept it clean… “mother-father, son-of-a-brick” type language.

Ralphie’s obnoxious little brother is also a major cause for laughter throughout this movie. Randy refuses to eat, hides in cupboards, and slows Ralphie down on the way to school. He is always doing something in the background that makes me laugh.

Ralph’s friends Flick and Schwartz usually get bullied with him. They are always together. Schwartz “triple-dog-dares” Flick to lick the frozen flagpole. It gets stuck and they have to call the fire department. Why Flick still stayed in school after that, I will never understand. It was funny, but very painful to watch. Gross.

In the end of the movie, Ralphie does get his BB gun, a gift from his father. He takes it outside and hits a metal sign, which sends the BB flying back at him. It hits his glasses and face. While Ralphie was searching for his glasses, he stepped on them with a loud, comical CRUNCH! He made up a story about an icicle falling off of the house and causing the damage. After all, he would hate to give truth to everyone’s worries that he would shoot his eye out.

The last hilarious part of this movie begins with the Bumpuses’ dogs attacking the Parkers’ Christmas dinner turkey. Ralph’s dad decides that they will all go out for Chinese food, where the staff sang “Deck the hars with bars of horry”.

 This movie deserves a massive 5/5. This is one timeless comedy.

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