Grizzly Review: One for the Money

I’m going to be as non-sexist and professional as I can with this review, because I know there is a whole plethora of man-hating Janet Evanovich lovers out there who would forcefully separate me from my testicles if I spoke ill of their precious Stephanie Plum. But I am going to say it…. The movie One for the Money was mediocre. Even not having read the books, aside from a number of female acquaintances constantly talking about it in front of me, the movie was still mediocre. I mean, this flick could have been on the Hallmark channel if they didn’t need to make millions off of the Stephanie Plum name.

Take a look at the Harry Potter movies or the Lord of the Rings movies; (I realize this is apples and oranges people.) Did you have to read those books to enjoy those eleven movies? Hell no. I know numerous people who haven’t read a single one of those books but still enjoy the movies as much as the 40 year old virgin, comic-con geek sitting in front of them in the theater. But as I sat through One for the Money there were numerous parts in the movie where it was obvious that the other 98.2 percent of the audience who were females and book faithfuls roared out in laughter at something that a man who has never read the books would find only chuckle inducing. Even parts that I thought were great where I laughed out loud were not as funny to the female clique’ of Plum-lovers. I think I may have even been shushed at one point.

This is all ignoring the fact that they had a talentless bore named Katherine Heigl playing the lead character of Stephanie Plum who is a down on her luck Jersey girl who finds herself in the bounty hunting business and tracking down her old flame. She also makes plenty of friends along the way, some of which want her eliminated. There really is not much more to the story than that. I would just call it a romantic comedy, because if you’re looking for a smart crime movie, then this definitely is not the one. Also, I’m not sure if Stephanie Plum was supposed to be a Jersey girl, but Katherine Heigl did an atrocious job of delivering anything close to a Jersey accent. It was like she would do one word or a sentence here and there before reverting back to the generic, cookie cutter actress that she is.

It’s worth noting that One for the Money debuted at number 3 in the box office race this weekend with $11.75 million. Though it’s too early to tell, this may be Stephanie Plum’s only one for the money at the theatre. I’ll be generous and give the movie 2 out of 5 grizzlies.

It didn’t put me to sleep and made me laugh out loud here and there. I’d be interested to hear what all of the genuine Stephanie Plum fans thought of this film portrayal of the books. Katherine Heigl- good or bad? Faithful to the book? Let us know in the comments below. Or just rip me for being sexist in the comments, because all feedback is appreciated.

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