Alcatraz: Season 1, Episode 4 – “Cal Sweeney” Review

In this episode of Alcatraz we follow the events surrounding Cal Sweeney (Eric Johnson), a suave bank robber known for his theft of safety deposit box items. He is not a violent criminal unless things don’t go his way.

With episode 4, after our characterization of Dr. Soto (Jorge Garcia), we get back to the same feel that the first two episodes had. This episode had both the feel of a procedural cop drama and a mystery.

Spoilers Ahead>>>>>

I have to say that after I saw the preview for this episode last week I was really looking forward to a somewhat dramatic bank heist episode where Rebecca (Sarah Jones) breaks out Cal in a daring escape scene.

I was more than a little disappointed by what actually happened in the episode. All they did was walk out of the bank. I really feel like there should have been a little more excitement involved.

I did like that we got to see just how undesirable all of the Alcatraz staff really are, specifically E.B. Tiller (Jason Butler Harner).

That man has got some serious stones saying that if he was in charge he would run things on the “up and up”, and follow that up by shaking down the inmate for a percentage of his contraband money.
Makes me wonder how dirty Hauser (Sam Neill) is if he was friends with Tiller.

I am starting to get a little annoyed by the lack of answers the show is giving us. I feel like if the plot was moving along faster this wouldn’t be such a problem but since it’s moving at about the speed of Law & Order things are starting to get on my nerves.

For instance, we have been given absolutely no clues as to what happened to the people on the island. I realize that it’s an important element to the plot, but that’s exactly why I’m so annoyed.

What’s going on with these keys?

What did Cal mean by he wasn’t suppose to look in the small black bag?

Who or what is in the triple locked, underground room?

The writers really need to throw the viewers a bone or two before people start to get upset and stop watching. I will continue to watch the show even though I complain about it. I just hope it picks up speed or we start to see a little more of what’s going on.

3.5/5 Bears

See you next time!

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