Grizzly Review: The Vow

Sometimes as a guy, you just have to bite the bullet. This could mean a lot of things, like buying your girlfriend tampons at the store or having to sit through two whole episodes of Glee. This weekend I had to bite the bullet in the form of watching “The Vow” starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The movie has just hit the American cinema this weekend, just in time for that dreaded Valentines Day thing. And I am surprised to even see myself typing this, but the movie was actually not that bad and even a little enjoyable. As far as romances go, it was pretty decent and stuck to that same formula that most of them due with a slight twist at the end.

The Vow PosterThe movie itself is about Leo and Paige, who are one of the happiest couples you’ll probably ever see in the Windy City. Seriously, some scenes are so mushy between them that you’ll want to heave movie theater popcorn spray all over the place. Well, said couple falls into a little dilemma. And by dilemma I mean car accident. And by car accident I mean that Paige goes through an effin’ windshield in slow motion. (Which was actually very cool looking.) This all results in Paige waking up… with no memory of her husband Leo. She actually has no memory at all of her life before she stopped talking to her parents to move into the city, which royally sucks for our male lead Leo. So Leo and Paige have to spend the movie trying to remind her of what they once had before the accident, all while her asshole parents (Played by Sam Neill and Jessica Lange) and ex-fiancé Jeremy (Scott Speedman) try to take advantage of her amnesia situation.

Pretty shitty right? And before you think this movie is exactly like 50 First Dates, just stop. It’s not. For one this movie does not have Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in it, and secondly it’s not a total piece of shit like 50 First Dates was. The movie had its funny moments, but it’s by no means a romantic comedy. Actually, if I had a choice between this type of romance movie and a romantic comedy, then give me The Vow any day.

Channing Tatum was not terrible as the male lead Leo, and I honestly was never able to stand him. He still has that tendency to mumble through a lot of his lines and I won’t forgive the filmmakers for making us look at his ass in this movie, but he was still a likeable character. I think I could relate because I would have beat the living shit out of her Sam Neill father and would be going out of my mind if my wife lost her memory and was just thinking she’d sort of move on with her life because the memory wasn’t coming back. It’d be like your wife dying but still walking around and talking. (Not to mention banging other guys.) Rachel McAdams was just Rachel McAdams in the movie. She could have played the same character in Red Eye and The Notebook for all I know. And that’s not to say that her performance was bad or anything.

Overall I’ll give the movie 4 out of 5 grizzlies. There were quite a few funny parts in the movie to keep me entertained and the situations raised a few questions and doubts some of us may have about our own relationships in life whether it be with girlfriend or parents. Bottom line, the movie did its job as a romance. I wasn’t expecting a gunfight, car chase romance and that helped me not become disappointed by the time the lights came back on in the theater. To any guys out there hoping to actually please their girlfriends cinematically on Valentine’s Day then go check out The Vow and stay away from Phantom Menace 3D.

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