The Walking Dead Review: 2.10 – “18 Miles Out”


A Quick Recap: Shane got told what’s what by Rick on their way to drop off the hogtied stranger that Hershel fixed up. Shane… unlike his usual self… accepts Rick’s conditions. As they brought Randall 18 miles out from the barn, they discovered a mass of walkers where they intended to drop him off. This was right after Shane and Rick got into a long overdue fight. God help me, it was amazing!

Beth (remember? The blondie who went into a state of shock) is all better now except for one thing… she wants to kill herself. She snagged a knife from the plate of food she refused to eat, and Lori took it away. This lead to an argument between Lori and Andrea. Beth then told Maggie she wanted them to commit suicide together so that they could go peacefully. Beth made a very strong argument. I can’t honestly tell if Andrea is a psycho or a genius.

During a very true test of character, Rick and Randall flee the swarm of zombies while Shane is trapped in a school bus being dangled like a piece of bacon in front of a fat guy. They flee only to very quickly return in a car doing a very efficient drive-by, and freeing Shane.

Maggie confronts Andrea who left Beth alone, causing her to attempt suicide. She cut her wrist with a piece of glass, but could not being herself to go deep enough – Maggie then banned Andrea from the house.


Rick and Shane bring back Randall. Rick explains that he will probably have to kill the boy.

Overall, I would say that this episode was very deep, and had some of the best walker kills. And the fights? Phenomenal. I have got to say, I am impressed.

5/5. Yes. You heard me. 5/5.

18 Miles Out 18 Miles Out

*Animated Gifs from Gamma Squad 

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