‘The Human Centipede III’ Is Definitely Happening

For those of you brave enough to watch The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence, you know that anything that resembles dignity or decency is completely void for those 88 minutes. The first film had at least a little bit more self-respect, and played out like a movie. But the second just threw away anything that can even be confused with art and really just gave us what we wanted; gore.

Writer and director of the first two films, Tom Six, has confirmed that a third Human Centipede film, entitled The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence, is now in production, with a shoot slated to begin in either May or June. Here’s the thing that makes it interesting, though. Both Dr. Heiter and Martin, who were the villainous surgeons from the first two films, will be returning for this third and final installment in the series. Tom Six himself will also have a supporting role (time to get a taste of your own, medicine, you bastard!), and considering the meta-film turn that the sequel took, I can only imagine what the third film will bring.

I’ll be honest, I’m a big fan of the first two. I know damn well that they aren’t well made movies, but they’re a hell of a lot of fun to watch, and I get a kick out of seeing people sewn together. Not in a sadistic way, I just think it’s amusing in the context of a movie. Regardless of the masochistic pleasure I take in watching a film of such degraded morals, The Human Centipede III, as promised by its title, will be 100% politically incorrect.

One thought on “‘The Human Centipede III’ Is Definitely Happening”

  1. There is much disturbing about these films, but I admire his horribleness merely on account of the fact that it blew my mind. It’s unexpected grossness, which is what makes it so strange. Before these movies, many of us never thought about what it would be like to have our faces sewn to someone’s anus. Now, we can postulate over such possibilities.


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