‘Todd & The Book of Pure Evil’ Has Been Canceled…

I am upset.

That’s almost what this entire article was going to be. No lie. Three words and then a picture of a sad hamster or something.

I was distraught with the news that my favorite show had been cancelled. I’m not even saying favorite show right now, or favorite Canadian show. No, it has swiftly evolved into my FAVORITE show. And it has been cancelled by SPACE, the Canadian network who brought Todd to the small screen. Now if you’ve been a fan of Grizzly Bomb since the beginning, then you would know the site started when our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Kronner tried to save one of his favorite shows, Terriers. So I feel I am obligated to do the same for Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

I’ve interviewed some of the cast members (interview with Chris Leavins) and had a genuine man boner for the show since I first started watching. Now this won’t be an article filled with hate for the network, as I know there are a lot of issues with producing a show and keeping it profitable. I am grateful that SPACE was able to bring me 2 seasons of ridiculous awesomeness. There isn’t a show out there that is quite like Todd, and I urge you to watch it immediately (legally and in full view of the networks).

Creator/ Executive Producer/ Writer/ Director Craig David Wallace was honored by the Writer’s Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards where he announced that SPACE would not be renewing Todd, and fans around the world joined me in the sadness. I really do mean around the world. Todd airs in the US on FEARnet, in the UK on SyFy, and has been picked up in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. So despite the seemingly success of the show, a huge and growing fanbase, and a phenomenal crew that was continuing to improve as the series went on it was still cancelled. Ratings have been cited as being low, which I can understand. A lot of people are watching the show, but not enough are doing it in ways that register with the networks.

Now cancelled doesn’t always mean cancelled. There are a lot of ways the show could continue away from SPACE if other networks show interest in continuing the series. Its happened before with many shows. I actually think this would be the best thing possible, as it would get the show out to more people than SPACE currently is able too. While you are able to stream it still through SPACEcast, that doesn’t help if you don’t know about SPACEcast. If Todd managed to get on a major US market I think it would absolutely explode.

We recently spoke to the star of Todd & TBOPE, Alex House and discussed a bit on the future of the show. He recently sent a message to the fans through the Todd FB page and discussed the best ways to #SupportTodd:

“Ok, so a lot of you are pissed off and sad and upset, and rightly so, we had a very special show and it’s been cancelled. While the guys (what I call our producers) are working hard to get some sort of closure for you guys here are some things you can do. Keep in mind none of this may work, there’s a lot more political stuff going on here, and canadian television, well… it’s a whole different beast. Also, my personal views here do not reflect those of anyone else in the cast, or the producers or the showrunners. I’m doing this out of my own free will.

1. If you’re in canada. Watch the show on space, itunes, comedy, or much. No exceptions. I don’t care if you’re lazy, and you miss it coming home from work etc etc. You can watch it ON the space website. This helps. I get that people use torrents and shit like that and I’m not going to get into that, because I understand that some people love the show so much that they can’t wait to get their hands on it. That is totally understandable IF YOU CAN’T GET A HOLD OF THE SHOW. Seriously any of you who are mad and upset about the show being cancelled, if you’re from canada you really can’t be upset, because that’s what happens when shows don’t get enough viewers.

2. Pass the show on like german herpes. Post meme pics, gifs, etc everywhere stoner forums, metal forums, metal stoner forums, gore message boards, horror comedy message boards. Spread the seed as infectiously as possible. People are always saying “the show is criminally underseen” Well you guys can help with that. So people go “oh wow, that kid is fighting a giant talking penis, what show is that from” and someone will go “Oh that’s Todd and the book of pure evil” they’ll watch it and either get our sense of humor, or they’ll hate the show and talk about how much it sucks. EITHER WAY, the show gets exposure. I had NEVER heard of it’s always sunny in philadelphia until some people posted some screencaps in a forum I frequented, along with some great gifs and or clips. Guess what. I own every single season of It’s always sunny now. Use the craziest screen caps and clips you can, that’s what will get people watching.

3. Gift the show to your friends. This is what I do when I want someone to watch something that they’d normally be hesitant to watch. This works for a number of reasons, worst case scenario, they don’t like the show, big deal. TODD STILL GOT SOME MONEY FROM THE SALE. It’s kinda win-win.

4. Seek out the other hardcore fans. Passive fans are great too, but it’s ok if they’re not as hardcore into the show as you are. The hardcore fans are the ones who are willing to take the time to make petitions, put it on twitter and such.

5. Bottom line, if the show doesn’t come back, we still had a good run. I’m proud of almost (heh) every episode of todd, and we broke barriers and did new and special things. No one can take that away from us. We made a whole bunch of people gasp and go “How do they get away with that???” to me, that’s success. Just keep in mind that with Todd gone, a lot of us will continue to appreciate your support in whatever we end up doing. So if you see that something charles (both musical eps), or the reid brothers (jungle fever) or ian malone (fearleaders) is working on, help them out by checking it out, and if you like it spreading it forward. Our creative team is absolutely incredible, so it’s important that you keep tabs on all of them, so they can have the opportunity to make things you love over and over again.

Aside from a small post I put on twitter, I’m going to go ahead and say what an honor it’s been working on a show like this. I could go on and on about how much fun I had, and no matter what happens in my life, I will fondly remember the time on Todd, and I think I’ll be hard pressed to ever do anything again that’s as fun. I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown, and for enriching my life in ways that I didn’t even know were possible at this time. So if Todd is screwed, I’m glad we’re gonna get screwed with you guys.

Fans everywhere have sprung into action. Online Petitions, e-mailing campaigns, even a Save Todd Documentary from the fans that you can be a part of! Click the links to contribute to the fight to #SaveTodd. Don’t stop there. E-mail your favorite network, e-mail SPACE, share with your friends. We need to show the world Todd & TBOPE.

Because that’s what its all about. Sharing something you love with others who will love it.


Be sure to grab Season 1 of Todd and The Book of Pure Evil here.

If you’re in Canada you can grab the Season 2 DVD here.

It’s also currently airing in the UK on SyFy. Check your local listings.

Soundtracks to both seasons are available here & here.

Official Todd Website here and FB Page here.

Save Todd Documentary Submissions here.

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