RIP MCA – Beastie Boy’s Adam Yauch: 1964-2012

Born in 1964, Adam Yauch (MCA) had reportedly been suffering from cancer for three years before he passed away yesterday, May 4th. Yauch was a founding member of the Beastie Boys back in 1981.

Paving the way for a whole new genre of music, the Beastie Boys began their career in 1981. Since then, they have had their fair share of impressive musical milestones. The most recent, last month, the Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yauch was not there, leaving Mike D and Adrock to read the acceptance speech. The Beastie Boys have had four #1 albums. One of those four,  Licensed To Ill, was the first hip hop album ever to top the Billboard 200. The 1986 hit album won three Grammys, and the MTV Video Vanguard Lifetime Achievement award.

Adam Yauch was an extremely talented person. Along with teaching himself to play the bass guitar, he directed famous music videos for the Beastie Boys such as “So Whatcha Want” and “Intergalactic“. He did this under an alias- Nathanial Hörnblowér.

“Fight for Your Right – Revisited” was directed by Yauch under his own name, which included several hilarious celebrity cameos.

The music world was a better place for having Adam Yauch. Although his life was cut far too short, he managed to make a giant impact on the world in his 47 years. Between his musical influence, his directing abilities, and his non-profit organizations and events, he made the world a better place.

Adam Yauch will be sorely missed.


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