“Bored to Death: The Movie” Coming Soon…Hopefully

For those of you who took part in the joyful HBO program “Bored to Death”, I give you the highest of virtual high fives. “Bored to Death” was a very underrated and entertaining show that was taken off the air before it reached its true potential. The combination of Ted Danson, Jason Schwartzman, and Zach Galifianakis was hilarious and every episode gave us a new and interesting mystery to follow as Jonathan Ames (Jason Schwartzman’s character) cracked the case.

According to Ted Danson, “Bored to Death” might become Bored to Death (note the stylish transition from quotations to italicizing, signifying the change from television to film). That’s right, folks. The movie nobody cared about/wanted to see is now in negotiations to be a real thing. For us BTD fans, this is a gift from the heavens of Jonathan Ames’ mind, but for everyone else, well, they’re probably not even reading this article right now.

WarmingGlow reports:

[Bored to Death], which aired its final episode in November, might have one more outing as a movie. Yesterday at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Ted Danson told French journalist Pierre Langlas that there was a good chance of a 90-minute movie happening. A rep from HBO tells Vulture that there have “been some conversations” about a BTD movie, but “it’s at a very early stage.”

If this is the real deal, I’m definitely excited. But can we please keep the movie to an incest-minimum during its 90 minutes, please. That would be great. Thanks. After seeing That’s My Boy, I think I’ve reached my incest-quotient for the year.

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