‘RoboCop’ New Viral Campaign – The ED-209 is back!

‘OMNICORP, we’ve got the future under control’. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

This viral campaign which is one of many I am sure to be coming out during this Comic-Con has given us the OMNICORP mission statement and the OMNICORP advert to protect your city, which is a great bit of Robocop style TV. Here is the Ad below:

What did you think of the OMNICORP viral Ad? Well I think it is great because we get to see… well anything really keeps me happy, but it has something I was hoping they would have robotic ED-209. So now let’s talk about the ad, it has the smooth big defence company voice narration, the tech is looking very sharp and they give us a little sneaky in the shadows tease of RoboCop.

In true RoboCop style we have totally overkill military tech to protect us from criminals. Feel safer already.

Now we also have the OMNICORP mission statement, which came out with the Viral Ad.

For a half-century, these words have set the framework upon which OmniCorp has aimed to build a brighter world. We don’t do passive technology. At OmniCorp, our solutions generate a beacon of safety that we shine upon on the dangers of the day. No matter the obstacle – political, cultural, philosophical – we pursue our convictions around the globe to secure peace of mind at home. And when this requires bold new direction, we never allow doubt to shrink our duty. When your quality of life is in the balance, our leadership team will tip the scales.

Our products have elevated your lives. Our people have inspired your future. Our passion will always be at your side.

Don’t they sound like the good guys?

So finally what your thoughts? Do you think it’s looking great? Can you not wait until Comic-Con releases more viral goodies? Please comment below.

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