CCI 2012: Warner Bros. Previews 5 Fall TV Pilots!

At Comic-Con, where most of our interesting news is currently coming from, 5 new Warner Bros. pilots were previewed. I know that we gave you a little sneak peek at a couple of them back in May with our TV Fall Schedule Update article, but this is a more complete look at what appears to be some interesting new TV.


Revolution looks incredible! This post-apocalyptic NBC  series is one of the only shows I am looking forward to this Fall. First things first, as I mentioned, it is post-apocalyptic, and that always makes for an interesting premise (at least in the beginning).  According to ColliderNBC explains the show this way:

“Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why?”

I have always said that our generation relies too much on technology. I like to send snail mail and go for walks and bike rides specifically because I am trying not to allow my life to revolve around technology. I fear the day that everything shuts down and no one knows what to do with themselves. It reminds me of The Simpsons episode in season 11 in the Treehouse of Horror episode “Life’s a Glitch and Then You Die”, where even the milk runs on computer chips… but I digress.

In the article on Collider, the author Brendan Bettinger mentions that in the preview at Comic-Con the pilot failed to hook him into the show or make him care about the characters. This is the impersonal feeling I got from the last couple of seasons of Dexter, so if they are disappointing right out of the gate, I will not watch a second episode. Bettinger said this about the casting:

They cast it really well. Billy Burke is solid as the Rick Blaine of the new world, a reluctant hero who is convincingly menacing and funny (no easy task for an actor). I really like Tracy Spirikados as the emotional throughline—she is asked to carry certain melodramatic scenes, and she does so in such a way belies her relative newcomer status. JD Pardo is charismatic as her would-be love interest/technical foe. Graham Rogers stays out of the trap of annoying teenagers in shows like Revolution. Everything stops when Giancarlo Esposito (playing a captain of the evil Monroe Republic) comes on screen—in a good way. This all adds up to a cast of characters that I could enjoy spending time with each week.

Overall, Revolution is one series I will attempt to watch. However, I have lowered my expectations after reading the details about the preview. I can only hope that they take advantage of the genre.

The Following

The Following is intriguing, mostly because I have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers. Kevin Bacon is a retired FBI agent who gets brought back in to work to track down a man he put in jail some time ago, who has recently escaped. This initially sounds like a standard cop drama. I have read several James Patterson novels, and seen many TV shows/movies with this basic premise. James Purefoy plays the villain of the show. Natalie Zea apparently plays Purefoy’s ex-wife on the show.

The more I read about this, the more it interests me. Just as I begin to suspect that I could get bored with this show quickly, I read on Collider that there is a major twist in the pilot that is completely unexpected. Granted, I do not usually like to know this information going in. I would rather be bored and then be shocked, than go in waiting for the big twist. Nevertheless, I am elated with the idea of a good serial killer drama. This could be great.

666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue looks like it could be complete garbage. I am not sure how a show revolving around the Devil himself could appear so boring and unexciting. The address of the apartment building which this show takes place in’s address is actually 999 Park Avenue, however, the shadow when a light shines under the house says “666”. Meh. I think it would be better if that were the actual address. The characters look boring. I am seriously concerned.

Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor play Henry Martin and Jane Van Veene, the central couple of the show. Terry O’Quinn plays Gavin Doran, the owner of the building (the Devil) and Vanessa Williams plays his wife, Olivia Doran. With the show being set in a supernatural apartment building, I can understand the excitement. I am just not sure if ABC is the right station for this show. I think maybe if it could be a very well doneHBO show, where every episode is like a horror movie and they could show us gore, and maybe some T&A. I foresee this being a bland show, but I hope they prove me wrong.


In Cult a couple of detectives are trying to stop a cult leader named Billy Grimm. This is, according to, a show within a show. You see the detectives trying to take this man down, the scene ends in a shocking way, and “then the camera pans out, revealing the fans that are watching Cult“. Ordinarily, I would not be interested in this idea, however, the next paragraph of the preview hooked me.

Apparently Cult is a TV show (within this show) that has a cult following. The cult of watching Cult has an eerie presence and influence in the real world. The preview discusses the fact that the internet has given obsessed fans a means by which to discuss to no end their favorite show, in this case, Cult. I like the idea that most of the show is the detective show Cult, because that would make the flash backs to reality more understandable through the viewer’s eyes. The preview also says that it seems as though the writers of Cult have a good grasp on the mythology of the show, which sounds promising.


The CW show Arrow does not sound exciting to me whatsoever. describes it this way:

The series will focus on billionaire Oliver Queen, a man who spent five years marooned on an island only to return home ready to wage war on crime using a set of newly acquired skills. Whether or not it’s a winner remains to be seen, but at the very least,Arrow fills the super-hero slot among the handful to pilots set to be screened during Preview Night.

That is all that was said, so I am guessing that no one is really excited about this potential blunder. C Tan watched the screening and will be reporting on that a little later.

With programs just around the corner such as Nashville and Malibu Counrty , one starring Hayden Panettiere and one starring Reba McEntire, as they twang their way into our hearts, I have been dreading new TV programs. In fact, I find myself re-watching old episodes of Mad Men and The Walking Dead on a regular basis just to keep myself from unleashing all of my rage on whichever TV writers I could get a hold of. I sincerely hope I can watch these premieres with little disdain.

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