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Will New Tech Plug Comic-Con Leaks?

San Diego Comic-Con International is mere days away, and with it the promise of collectible grab bags and star sightings. But this year something else fans have come to expect might be missing: Leaked Trailers.

Director James Gunn, in a response to a fan’s question about upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy 2 via Facebook last week, hinted at the use of new technology to prevent fans armed with cell phones from leaking special previews intended for the diehards in Hall H.

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New Suicide Squad Statues Are Perfect Sculpts Of DC’s Super Villain Team

DC Comics have done a great job of marketing their new cinematic universe. What they have done to combat the established Marvel / Disney film brand is to give us a different tone, a darker side of the super-world. The selection of trailers, which all seem to show different elements of the movies, have made it clear they will be a bit more adult than their Marvel counterparts.

When the first Suicide Squad trailer came out it had a dark and foreboding quality to it which set it apart from the bright and boisterous Marvel movies. With the release of this latest trailer DC and Warner Brothers have added an element of humor to it, while keeping the gritty realism they are going for. And with a kicking Queen tune on full blast it’s hard not to get a kick out of this trailer.   Continue reading New Suicide Squad Statues Are Perfect Sculpts Of DC’s Super Villain Team

Death Note: What We Know About the US Adaptation

That’s right, after a few years in developmental hell Warner Bros’ adaptation of the Japanese manga/anime Death Note is finally seeing some movement in Hollywood.

The original manga is an amazing read with engaging characters and a fantasy/horror/crime theme that is definitely going to be difficult to replicate on the big screen. The anime is also definitely worth checking out, though there are a few differences between the source material and animated adaptation. This also isn’t the first live-action adaptation to hit the big screens, as a Japanese-produced film opened overseas a few years ago which resulted in sequels and even spin-offs.

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Justice League Dark A Priority, Rumored To Start in 2016

Usually known as Dark Universe, we’ve been reporting on the on-again off-again rollercoaster that has been the Justice League Dark adaptation for years.

The film had been in the hands of Guillermo del Toro for a while, and he was quite possibly the best choice to bring the series to the big screen. Unfortunately with his busy schedule and a high-profile conflict with Pacific Rim 2 (which has now been put on hiatus), it seemed less and less likely the movie would ever get made. So finally del Toro announced that he was no longer helming the project (though he might remain on as a producer), leaving Dark Universe in limbo.

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Max Landis Pitches His Man of Steel 2 and More

In a recent appearance on Movie Fights, a great show over on the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra) pitched his vision for Man of Steel 2 and it is interesting to say the least. Landis and the other guests were asked to pitch their direct sequel to Man of Steel as if the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t exist. The guys over at Screen Junkies then put together a video of the pitch using the original footage from the show edited together with various clips to give you a sort of visual representation, and it’s awesome. Just watch it. Seriously.

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The Man Who Laughs: The 20 Greatest Joker Moments, Part I

Arguably the most popular character in all of comic book lore is the Batman. For every great hero there needs to be a great villain, and for Bats, that is the Joker.

Originally created as a darker alternative to Superman, Batman’s popularity has actually come to surpass the Man of Steel over the last seven decades, and one of the biggest reasons why is the quality of villains he faces. None of those villains (or any villains anywhere) are more well-known than the Joker. He is the perfect foil for Batman. Chaos over order, insanity over logic, fear created through unpredictability rather than intimidation. Even the Joker’s vibrant purple suit clashes with Batman’s dark attire and seems to mock the Caped Crusader with its flamboyance. The sickest part of it all though,  is that without Batman, the Joker would cease to be. He is a character so ingrained in the rivalry, that Batman’s absence often increases Joker’s boredom, and he simply stops playing the game. It does give the Dark Knight’s quest a real sense of hopelessness when you consider he might do just as much good by simply hanging it up as it would likely mean his greatest foe would do the same.

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JLA: New Animated Series Teased At Warner Bros.

A new image from the Warner Bros. offices in Burbank California teases a few new animated series coming to the small screen, including what looks to be new Justice League animated series, titled simply JLA.

Today we’ll take a look at the image and gather the little information we know about the series, while briefly looking at some of the versions of these characters we’ve seen in the animated world before.

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