CCI 2012: Firefly Reunion Panel & Fillion at Nerd HQ!

On Friday at CCI, the Firefly Reunion Panel took place with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Sean Maher, and Summer Glau all in attendance. This is one panel I was very excited to read about after the fact. You can check out for the as-it-happened play by play of the event. OR… if you are extra American and don’t like to read… you may watch the panel as it happened, courtesy of OR:

The panel was a great time for the fans and the cast! It seemed like the Firefly cast and Joss Whedon had an amazing time answering questions and interacting with fans. Obviously, the fans were loving the time spent with the people who brought them Firefly and Serenity. I love that when asked what the fans mean to them, both Whedon and Fillion got emotional. It is so sweet to see appreciative stars. Some pretty exciting conversation:

When a fan asked if they were going to get Inara’s story in a comic, Joss replied:

A Shepherd’s Tale is one of Dark Horse’s best selling books. And there will be more stuff because Zak Whedon and Joss started talking about it and they have “crazy cool shit.” So – yes, more comics, some going into the future.

Another intriguing question that was asked was that if they would have known there would only be 1 season of Firefly, how would the finale have differed from Serenity?

Joss said they would have delved more heavily into Blue Sun conspiracy which got cut from the movie, Book and Inara’s stories would have been told and “I wouldn’t have killed anyone.”

In Other CCI News:

Nerd HQ at CCI is hosted by Zachary Levi, and is a gathering for fans and Comic-Con attractions alike to commune for Q&As and whatnot, just outside of campus. This attraction left everyone very excited because Nathan Fillion was doing a Q&A, and he is so hilarious and personable.

At one point during his time at the Nerd HQ, Fillion asked his fellow Firefly cast member Adam Baldwin to join him on stage. Apparently, the two recited each others lines from the show. When asked about a Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog sequel, Fillion said that the chances for that are fair to really good! I like those odds! Fillion also went on about how much he enjoys Game of Thrones, and how quickly he became hooked on the show.

For the full Q&A, check out

Our of all of the panels we have covered, this one feels like it was more for the fans than the ego building of celebrities, like some others seem. It had humor, information, but above all, passion. As if I didn’t respect them all enough already, this CCI interaction just further proves how deserving the Firefly cast and crew is for their stardom.

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