GB’s VHS Vault: Truth Behind ‘Rock and Roll Nightmare’

Rock and Roll Nightmare (AKA The Edge of Hell) is a Canadian horror flick which involves a Rock and Roll band going to a house in the suburbs to practice for their upcoming album. While recording, lead singer John Triton (AKA Jon Mikl Thor  – yep that’s actually his real name!) notices that something weird is going on.

Soon enough things start getting weird, with the band members meeting strange monsters until only one remains.

Before you do anything else, please check out this musical number the band does to get you into the mindset of the movie. Please be warned that the shirt the singer wears in this has been known to cause blindness!

This film is well known on the bad movie circuit for reasons which will become very clear throughout this article. However, what I want to focus on first is the cover art for this beauty. This film came out in 1987 and was a family affair with pretty much anyone who could help out being drafted onto the film. Since we are slap bang in the VHS era at this point the film needed some pretty awesome cover art to cover up the cracks in its low budget. So let’s look at the UK cover first:

So we have John raising his arm in victory. You will notice that John looks nothing like the actual actor Thor in the movie aside from the fact they have massive pecks and long hair! There’s either a dead or fainting girl in his arms with her particulars out. In the movie plenty of boobs pop out, but no lady is ever seen in a gold thong. Also I’m a bit concerned about the way she is drooping over his arm like that……..she’s definitely dead! So… pools of blood? Don’t get your hopes up. There is no heroic wallowing in blood in this movie! Thor is a big fan of this type of pose, check out his album art.

The demon’s face, to be fair, looks pretty much like it does in the movie. But, is it gigantic and shouting out beams of demon infused flames? In a word, no! Here is what he really looks like.

In fact, this leads nicely to the end of the film which can be seen at the bottom of this paragraph. The end is legendary and will knock your socks off so if you do want to watch the film, SPOILER ALERT! We find out John’s missus has been taken over by Satan. Just when you thought that was weird, John gets down to his shiny gold pants and declares that he is an angel! The whole trip was a ruse to get Satan to pop his evil little head out. The people in the film are facades, made up by John’s own power to give the devil a carrot on a stick to lure him out. Below is a clip of that encounter between angel and demon.

Now, let us just think about this for a minute. So the woman in John’s arms is a made up woman from his own head? Why is he bothering to save her then? Also in the movie these characters interact with each other so did they have souls or is it like the Sims game and John was the game player? The most bizarre thing is he actually has sex with the woman he created that later on turns into the devil. So was he having sex with the devil or was he having sex with himself? Man this film messes me up when I’m sober! Anyway the devil is a bit thick so he never figures out these are not real people and is miffed. They have a big fight to sort it out.  Guess who loses. I’ll make it easier for you it ain’t the guy in the gold pants!

So basically, this cover took a little artistic license in its depiction of the film’s events! The US and foreign covers are the same expect that John stares at you directly with his look of “I’m better than you”. Damn you Thor! Also the woman is alive her and seems quite chuffed John has saved her, which means he must have a bit of a big head if women made up from his own mind think he’s awesome!

If you want to see more films with Thor, check out these two titles below which are just as bad/good as this piece of cinematic trash! Watch them all! You will love them!

Last but not least, to give you nightmares before you go to bed, here is the Japanese cover with Thor in all his glory! Enjoy!

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